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Start 'em young

Do you find it difficult to network? To walk right up to people and say 'Hi! I'm X from Y company, nice to meet you..!' It's not as easy as everyone makes out, is it? Even if you do have a beautiful MiniCard or Business Card in hand. Well, if you're thinking of having children who will one day become Captains of Industry, you could help them out a bit by starting them off networking when they're young. By the time they get to pre-school they'll be old hands at this game and will work that reception room like a pro.

How? Easy, just get them some MiniCards (easier for little hands) and get them out there practising. digitalkatie has wasted no time with her son Louis, who is now eight months old. He's got his own set of Text MiniCards all ready for handing out at the Scottish Learning Festival this week:

At this point I must admit to being unsure as to whether Louis is giving a seminar at the festival or merely watching. I like to think he's giving a seminar though - he sounds like a little chap we could all learn from.

If you're at all worried about a potential 'cards+mouth=soggy cards' situation, don't worry. That problem has already been user tested and dealt with a long time ago, by the lovely Alice. She found that due to the matt laminate on MiniCards, they were far more durable than your average business card. Hooray!

So, what are you waiting for? Set your children up with the skills they'll need in later life, right from the very beginning. (Bonus points if you can get them coding something that integrates with the MOO API before the age of 5).


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22nd Sep, 2008 10:23 (UTC)
whilst at a festival recently, I gave my son one of my moo minicards which had my phone number on - I told him that if he should get lost or separated from us, to go and find a steward and show him the card so they could contact me.

he proceeded to then show the card to everyone in our camping group. I think if he'd had more than one, he'd have handed them out himself. He's 7, and a natural networker. :-)
22nd Sep, 2008 10:37 (UTC)
Ha :) I think it's easier when you're young maybe? You're less self conscious perhaps...

Actually, giving them to children with details of who to contact if they get lost is a really good idea. I have a friend who thought of that even before they thought of using them as business cards. Quite a few people use them as 'Mom cards' - cards to hand out at the school gates when they're organising who's going to who's house to play after school.
22nd Sep, 2008 10:56 (UTC)
That's a great idea as I usually scribble my phone numbers on a scrappy bit of paper to give to other mums & they no doubt get lost. My daughters love the moo stickers & all cards & letters we send are decorated with them *g*
22nd Sep, 2008 11:08 (UTC)
also, you could put a photo of your children on the cards, so other mums remember who's mum you are :)

I like the idea of using children's artwork too - scan it in or take a photo of it, and make the cards little works of children's art.
22nd Sep, 2008 11:23 (UTC)
Fab ideas :) I'm also in the process of registering as a childminder & we've all been told to use vista print for business cards! The rest of them may do, but I shall have moo cards *g* Obviously without photos of my children on, but I could use some of their art work :)
22nd Sep, 2008 14:24 (UTC)
you've been 'told'? Wow, that's odd - who by? I hope you wont get marked down for using another company :)

I've got a friend who started a childminding agency actually, I think she's using MiniCards and stickers, with nice photos of toddlers on.

Maybe having different photos of children's activities could be nice, for childminding cards? So pictures of kids playing in a park (running, playing in a sandpit etc) or painting or playing games. Just something so your clients know you wont just plonk their child in front of a TV (or lock them in a cupboard). Then, you get to show off infront of the other childminders by having lots of cards that are all different, but relevant.

(I think you are very brave by the way! Good luck with the registration process).

incidentally, I just thought - I'm guessing you already know about www.istockphoto.com but just incase, they are very good for affordable stock shots, if you're not so keen on your own photos for professional purposes.

Edited at 2008-09-22 14:26 (UTC)
22nd Sep, 2008 15:09 (UTC)
Not told offically, just suggested in the training course. I shall have to take some moo cards next week & show them off :) I don't think I can order "business" ones yet as I'll need to be officially registered & show my registration number.

I only have mini cards though, I think you now do business sized? I'll take what I have anyway.

No, I haven't heard of that website, I shall have a think about what pictures / photos to use.

I also think I am very brave as I can't believe how mich paperwork & plannig is involved, though I had been told, but even so ...

Edited at 2008-09-22 15:10 (UTC)
22nd Sep, 2008 15:20 (UTC)
I have some of the business sized ones and they're ace. You'd be able to fit more contact detail info on the back.
22nd Sep, 2008 23:45 (UTC)
photo of kids and their name
One note of caution: having your child's name, phone number and picture might not be the best thing (at least from a security perspective).

If I was doing them I would rather use a piece of artwork or some clip art to represent my child than risk a stranger having my kids name and picture -- and all that that could entail. I hesitate to have any name tags visible on kids or their stuff.

I love the idea of mum cards for play dates though! Oh and they could make lovely tags for backpacks, etc. if you add a grommet to reinforce the hole and some ribbon.
22nd Sep, 2008 16:40 (UTC)
Holiday Sales?
I know this is off-topic, but last year MOO had a sale on post-cards for the Holiday season. Will you be doing that this year as well? I LOVE the quality and thickness of the postcards that I got last year. It was unfortunate that they arrived too late to get to people before Christmas, so I'm doing my photoshoots early this year and am hoping that MOO will have a sale sometime in October (hopefully?) so that the postcards can be purchased, made and distributed in time.

Thanks for your time and consideration!

- Jibrille
27th Sep, 2008 18:20 (UTC)
Re: Holiday Sales?
Hello - I *think* we might have a sale of some sort planned - but at this stage, if we do, i don't know what it will be on... If you subscribe to the newsletter we always let people know about promotions through that - it might be a good thing to keep an eye on. I'm sorry I can't help more at the moment - I'll see if i can get the marketing people to tell me anything :)
22nd Sep, 2008 17:27 (UTC)
When I last traveled to Cambodia I took my mini cards - I would give them to kids who didn't speak English and we had our own little conversations based entirely on photos! It was beautiful! Of course, all the cards disappeared into little pockets heheh but that's great ;)
27th Sep, 2008 18:21 (UTC)
That's a great idea actually - and much healthier than handing out sweets! I went to Cambodia 2 years ago and i thought it was an amazing country. I'd go back in an instant :)
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