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Dopplr, MOO, Microformats, APIs and you

It's been a busy week in the MOO office, and our trip to the dConstruct conference feels more like a month ago than the 7 days it's really been. But while we've been busy behind the scenes, the team have been bowled over by the cool things people in the MOO Community have been making.

If you remember earlier in the week, I mentioned how excited we were to see MOO Stickers featured in Dopplr's presentation. They created Stickers featuring the names and associated colours of cities all over the world, as seen on Dopplr.com. Actually - they looked just like the ones featured in this photo, by Matt Jones, Dopplr's own Design Director.

The stickers were handed out at the conference, and are now adorning everything from laptops, to foreheads... In fact, if you have your own photos, you could consider adding them to the Flickr pool.

Anyway - as is always the way with cool conferences, there are people that have to watch from afar. Either tickets are sold out, or it's just too hard to travel half way round the world for one day. One such person decided, if he couldn't go to the conference, he could at least bring a bit of the conference to him.

And thus, Mooplr was born! The wonderful Kevin Lloyd has created a simple tool for making your own Dopplr/MOO Stickers, using both the MOO and Dopplr API! Not only that, but as you log in to Dopplr to create your stickers, you can specify the stickers are made of your past and present trips. (And, if you're like me and don't get out much, you could choose places you'd *like* to go to, and just pretend you have been really. Awesome!) It's great to see things like this being built, and we were really excited when Kevin got in touch - so go check out Mooplr, and get in on the action. There are more foreheads to adorn!

And, if you're feeling the need for even more Stickers, then these are for you. Again, made using the MOO API these are to promote Microformats, and feature the logo, designed by MOO favourite, Dan Cederholm. The cool little app, made by Brian Suda drops you neatly into the sticker-making process, and you can choose to print a variety of colours, or select your favourites.

(Please note, these Microformats stickers will be regular MOO Sticker size - not like the ones you might've got previously, which, curiously featured a section which itself was MOO Sticker-sized, as modelled in this photo, by Tom Coates, taken by Ben Ward)

If you're London based, and would like to know more about the MOO API, then Bar Camp London is just what you need! Stef, our CTO is presenting a short piece about the API, how it works, and what you can do with it. Also good to know is that if you check out the wiki you can get a special code, which will give you free delivery on your orders - which you can pick up at the event. It's happening on September 27th, so get your orders in now.

And - one last thing. If you've already made something with the MOO API, do let us know. We love seeing the stuff you're making.

UPDATE: we've also spotted that Aral Balkan has used the MOO Api to make Stickers and MiniCards for the Head Web Conference he's working on. Check them out - they're really pretty!


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