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Top MOO Tip: Bulk discounts

Just incase you don't subscribe to the newsletter - or something awful's happened, preventing you from reading the latest issue - I thought I should let you know we're now doing bulk discounts for Business Cards and Postcards.

While many of you love the fact that Business Cards come in short runs of 50 cards, some of the networking junkies among you were pleading for bigger packs. Ever happy to oblige, we've launched a special bulk 200 pack, which saves 20% off the cost of 4 separate 50s. Even better, they're delivered in a swanky box, (made and printed at an FSC certified supplier) and come with the free 50 pack holder included. Nice.

We've also introduced a bulk pack for Postcards. Save over 15% when you buy one pack of 60 cards, rather than three packs of 20! We did this as we see so many packs of wedding invites and baby announcements go through, we thought you could do with a little help. Twenty isn't always enough, and a bulk pack saves you time and money, just when you could probably use it. The photo above shows one such pack, of an unbelievably cute baby, photographed by Andy Mosse.

So there you have it; discounted bulk packs, because big is beautiful.

And thanks to everyone who posted their pics in the previous post! It was great seeing what you're all up to - even if the cupcakes did make me hungry...


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21st Aug, 2008 15:10 (UTC)
I had a question in regards to the bulk discount, which is: How long do you plan to have this discount? Will it run for only a few days or a few months? I am curious because I am considering ordering business cards but will not be able to start creating them until sometime in September. Also if I am ordering the pack of 200 can I have the text be different from the first 100 to the second 100? Such as if I am creating business cards for myself and a co-worker.
21st Aug, 2008 16:51 (UTC)
the discount will run for the foreseeable future. It's a discount for people who want to buy large quantities - rather than 'a summer discount', kind of thing - if that makes sense.

If you buy a specific 200 pack, then it's 4 packs of the same 50 cards.

Hope that helps.
21st Aug, 2008 19:12 (UTC)
Ok, that helps a lot! Thanks!
21st Aug, 2008 20:33 (UTC)
21st Aug, 2008 15:31 (UTC)
I forgot there even were postcards! *is a bad customer*

I'm ordering some in a few weeks when I finish scanning some film photography.
21st Aug, 2008 20:35 (UTC)
*frowns at the bad customer*
heh - it's ok - I don't think you're the only one. To a lot of people, 'MOO Cards' are MiniCards. The postcards are nice though - believe it or not I'm still working on a proper design myself - before I get some more printed for me, and it's taking me forever.
21st Aug, 2008 20:36 (UTC)
I think I'm ordering them in about two weeks! :D
22nd Aug, 2008 06:13 (UTC)
i ordered my business cards..should be here soon. i can't wait!
24th Aug, 2008 14:09 (UTC)
excellent! Post a pic, when you get them :)
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