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As we've mentioned before in this blog, seeing the amazing images people put on their MOO products is half the fun of this job. There's such a wealth of creativity out there, it blows us away. Of course there's beautiful photography, but sometimes its the *things* that are photographed that are the key.

Look at these for example, beautiful photos of finely crafted jewellery, by Redcrow.

And these Postcards by Natasha Newton, showing an ink drawing - and one of her paintings.

These cute MiniCards show off kunklebaby's crafting skills:

While LushLampwork uses Text MiniCards as swing-tags, to go with the beautiful glass beads she makes.

These show off a talent I'm not sure I'd even heard of in this sense, smocking, by tinctory. If you're curious, take a look at the set, it's incredible.

While Abigail Percy, an old MOO friend uses MOO Business Cards to show off her gorgeous hand-made jewellery.

So, in the first of our 'show us your stuff on LJ' posts - SHOW US YOUR STUFF! If you're a crafter and you use MOO products to show off your work post an image (up to, say 350 pixels wide) in the comments. We'd love to see the kind of things you're making.


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14th Aug, 2008 14:56 (UTC)
I still have my first batch of moo mini business cards for my jewelry site (I just drew my logo and put it on one side), but when those are done I will be using pictures of my jewelry to make more cards! Since I don't have the new card design done I won't post pictures but I LOVE MOO~ <3
14th Aug, 2008 16:34 (UTC)
well, give us a link to your jewelry site then - I'm curious now!
14th Aug, 2008 16:53 (UTC)
:) My site is a little outdated (need to add new pieces and change prices, but my newest stuff is on Etsy!) But both have the logo.

Here's the old card too. I'm working on one of the new designs now that everyone elses cards have inspired me!

Etsy pieces

I'll be adding more pieces to Etsy once I find batteries for my camera that aren't dead....
14th Aug, 2008 15:05 (UTC)
A few weeks ago, I ordered a batch of minicards with my digital art on them to use as business cards at an anime convention. They were a hit and I gave away nearly half of them to various people who came by my table. I will definitely be buying more to use next year.

14th Aug, 2008 15:30 (UTC)
OMG, I'm intrigued by your cards, too. I can see how those would be such a hit! Do you have your art posted online somewhere? I'd love to see more.
14th Aug, 2008 16:30 (UTC)
wow - your illustrations are great! Did you have to give people more than one? Sometimes when you have lots of different designs, people swipe a few :)
14th Aug, 2008 17:05 (UTC)
A few people did ask for more than one (I think one person snagged a total of five *laugh*), but most were generally nice and only took one because they saw the dwindling number. I guess I just have to buy two boxes for next year!

I also ordered two stickerbooks with the same images but don't have any pictures of that - the stickers were also a hit that I gave out free for purchases over a certain amount. A lot of people put them on their member badges, which was sort of neat.

Thanks, mooteam! :)
14th Aug, 2008 16:33 (UTC)
Wow your art looks familiar! Those are some nifty cards :)
14th Aug, 2008 17:08 (UTC)
Thank you, I really thought the cards turned out nicely too. :)
14th Aug, 2008 15:20 (UTC)
Here are some of mine. They are the old ones. This post is reminding me to get some updated ones when the new jewelry goes up!!

14th Aug, 2008 16:32 (UTC)
ohhh - you're *you*! Sorry - i hadn't realised. I've blogged your nice cards before!
14th Aug, 2008 15:34 (UTC)
I haven't actually got pictures of mine, but I have mailing address cards for to friends and family in the States that are all photographs taken in my town in Japan - koi, the castle, kimono. They're a huge hit, and people usually ask if they can have one of each even though the address on the back is the same. ;)
14th Aug, 2008 17:14 (UTC)
Some of my needle felted things :D

14th Aug, 2008 17:21 (UTC)
Ahhh!! Needlefelt sushi!! That's awesome
14th Aug, 2008 17:23 (UTC)
Thank you :D They are hairy delicious XD
15th Aug, 2008 12:32 (UTC)
'hairy delicious' could be the best phrase I've ever heard.
(Deleted comment)
14th Aug, 2008 18:49 (UTC)
I used <* img src="http://www.yoururlhere.com/image.jpg"> without the * and the space after it.

beat me to it :)

Edited at 2008-08-14 18:50 (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
14th Aug, 2008 19:18 (UTC)
There's nothing wrong with asking if you don't know :) I do it all the time, then 90% of the time find my answer before someone says something cause I kept looking.
14th Aug, 2008 23:17 (UTC)
You're right there's no harm in asking... it took both myself and another LJer about 10 mins to work it out, as I posted the story above!
14th Aug, 2008 18:50 (UTC)
i'm still working on getting more cupcake pictures done so i can order my moo business cards :)
15th Aug, 2008 12:34 (UTC)
cupcakes make for *great* photos. On a cupcake/crafting note, did you ever see these:

They are utterly fantastic! Looking forward to seeing your pictures when they're done :)
15th Aug, 2008 15:26 (UTC)
those cupcakes are so cute! i just ordered my business cards last nite. can't wait of it to get here! :D
15th Aug, 2008 18:25 (UTC)
i know! I don't even bake and i want to make some!
15th Aug, 2008 18:34 (UTC)
aww i was scared to bake in the beginning.. but when i did..its like crack! now i can't stop lol.

made these last nite :)
Psuedo Smores
15th Aug, 2008 21:58 (UTC)
wow - that looks fantastic! What is it? Is that meringue on top? Lovely photo too.
(no subject) - sweetkisses0530 - 15th Aug, 2008 22:12 (UTC) - Expand
4th Sep, 2008 18:42 (UTC)
Hello, I'm a bit late! But here you are anyway:

13th Sep, 2008 16:25 (UTC)
oh! Just spotted these - nice! Lovely colours. What are the figures in the photo made of?

13th Sep, 2008 19:02 (UTC)
The top left two are epoxy putty on USB sticks (with the monkey on the right covered in golden dust and varnished). The others are all polymer clay of various sorts, apart from the plastic-bead eyes of the bottom two and the cow's horns (which are epoxy putty again).

Glad you like them! :)
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