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Can I be of assistance?

I've been away for a week (France, very nice, thankyou), and was thinking about you while I was away. If you have a sec, let me know what you think about a few things
- is there anything you wish we'd talk about in the blog?
- is there anything you wish we'd shut up about?
- is there anything you'd like to ask anyone here? (Could be about anything really, although I'm not sure I'm up to matchmaking, so don't ask anyone for a hot date :)

And another question we've debated here for quite a while:
When we launched with LJ, things got all rushed and we ended up starting a blog, rather than a community. As it goes, I think it's worked out ok, but do you have any thoughts on that? I love hearing about what people are doing with their MOO stuff - but do you? Would you like to post to a community, or are you happier just dipping in and out of this blog now and again?

If you have the time and the inclination, I'd love to know what you think.
Thanks in advance,



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11th Aug, 2008 12:34 (UTC)
How was France?
11th Aug, 2008 13:06 (UTC)
*really* nice. Silicon roundabout in a will-it-wont-it-rain state is no comparison to the countryside, nice food, and great wine!
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11th Aug, 2008 12:36 (UTC)
Perhaps create a community on the side and keep this journal as a news and information outlet?
11th Aug, 2008 13:28 (UTC)
yup, that could be a good plan, if it sounds like people would fancy a community.
(Deleted comment)
11th Aug, 2008 13:23 (UTC)
all good points... it does feel like a journal is simpler. I'll see what other people say too.

I must admit, I do like posting on here, it's more generally 'chatty' than the blog on MOO, which is why I thought I'd ask you all what you thought. (It's also why I'm a good/bad person to be on here, I could chat for England).

So, you haven't ordered your cards yet? Hmm - you could use sequential frames for the images and turn them into Mini Flip books! Only thing is you'd have to hand out quite a few cards at a time. I made a card that tiled, from an illustration I'd done: http://www.styledeficit.com/images/tiles/little.html
worked really well, but I had to give out about 4 cards each time :)

(Deleted comment)
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11th Aug, 2008 13:01 (UTC)
I think a community would be a lot better and more appropriate. As a personal journal, on a friends list you have access to people's "friends only" posts - which you as a business may or may not want to read and which users may or may not feel comfortable about sharing. Also, as a community, users could stop watching your posts but continue to be a member, so we'll always have your LJ on hand for easy reference even if we don't want to be notified of your every post as you make them rather than having to defriend you altogether.

And while I'm posting - just wanted to let you know that I love your products and the idea behind your business! :) You do beautiful work.
11th Aug, 2008 13:14 (UTC)
yes, this is the thing. It's what stressed us out, to be honest at launch - people worried about us having access to friends posts. I swear on, well, the tired look on our faces and our work schedules that no one here looks at them as we literally don't have the time - but I appreciate you only have our word for that. (Another plus for you is that it's only me who posts anything to LJ and I find it almost unnavigable ;)

In that respect I can see why a community could be better. The worry is now, moving us over could be tricky - this is why I wanted to see what you all thought first. I like the little community of people who comment on the blog, and I'd hate to loose people in a switch. Also a quiet community can look so much sadder than a commentless blog - if you see what I mean.

I appreciate your thoughts - and thank you for your kind comments.
(Deleted comment)
11th Aug, 2008 14:00 (UTC)
ah ha! Well found :)
We set that up after we launched, incase we needed it. The original plan was to migrate this blog to that community, but it's technically too tricky, so it's waiting there, just in case...
11th Aug, 2008 14:47 (UTC)
I think a community would be great. You can have people posting their moo stuff and so on. Admittedly it'd have to be moderated, but I think you can set to automatically allow everyone to post so you don't *have* to faff with that. But then you might end up deleting spam et.

Have only just found this journal, though, so I don't know how much you post and what you post yet.
11th Aug, 2008 15:24 (UTC)
that was the plan - assuming people have MOO stuff to post.
As a person new to the blog - welcome! - and what kind of stuff would you find interesting to read here? Anything in particular? (Sorry to put you on the spot!)
(no subject) - view_from_here - 11th Aug, 2008 16:18 (UTC) - Expand
11th Aug, 2008 16:11 (UTC)
I personally think the blog is fine. I'm not super worried about you sending little moo spies into my journal.... but I can see where some people would be bothered by this.
11th Aug, 2008 17:42 (UTC)
Thing is (and sorry to butt into your comment thingie), it's fairly easy to set up LJ so that one or two friends / communities don't have access to your posts. All it means is that you have to keep your entries friends locked. And if you're so worried about privacy, you'd do that anyway, right?
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11th Aug, 2008 17:41 (UTC)
I really like having the lj the way it is now. I can keep up to date with all the latest news and releases and you show us a fair few good ideas other people have had with their moo stuff. I saw a beautiful thing with moocards in a shadow box and adapted the idea as a gift using the stickers. So yeah, I think you have a lovely balance.

It would be great to have the community where people could post more of their own things, but I worry that it would be overwhelmed. It's nice to have the occasional inspiration thrown in here.

I love your stuff and used my pictures from my tour of France (I visited about ten or eleven different cities) to make stickers. I'm a French teacher and these stickers are my really special awards to kids. I have normal, basic stickers which are generic ones, but these are the real well done things.

I'm actually thinking of getting some business cards and designing them so that they are little "award" cards. A pretty picture on one side and then an "awarded to" kind of thing on the other. Then I can fill them in as kids earn them.

Oh my goodness! I'm rambling something rotten! I'm sorry!
11th Aug, 2008 21:20 (UTC)
ooh - that's such a good idea -the award cards! (No need to apologise for rambling - you've read the blog, I ramble with the best of them!) It's a really nice idea - I have actually thought about doing some stickers for schools as quite a few teachers have mentioned it, but the idea of award cards is great. I'd go for the green stock - its easier to write on. The laminated stock is really nice, but you'd need to make sure you had a permanent pen with a fine tip always handy. Although if you did have one handy, I guess the laminate has an extra special feel for kids, maybe.

Did you see these flash cards? I think they're a great idea, although perhaps your children are too old for these? These are similar and also really great. I love the idea that she had an alphabet, family flash cards and some number cards in one set and was going to take them on a long flight, it's really nice.

Thank you for the other comments - I'm pleased that some of the ideas in the blog spark off new ideas too.
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11th Aug, 2008 17:54 (UTC)
France! How lovely!
As far as blog vs. community goes...
I think the blog is fine.

One suggestion: make a post(once or twice a month) and allow people to post one or two of their moo card pics(should request they be no bigger than 300x400). This will be easier to moderate-they will be advertising for themselves, and likely people will buy more moo cards to get better critiques, etc.

Communities are fun-bu tough to moderate and frankly I wouldn't add the comm. to my friends list anyway if people where allowed to post freely (seeing 50 posts a day with moo card pics would make it annoying to read my friends list)As long as it was moderated-it would be fine-but it seems you can do the same with the blog version, so meh.
11th Aug, 2008 21:27 (UTC)
That is a great suggestion. The one thing I don't have as easily on LJ as i do on Flickr for example, is a way to see what people have made, and show those images off to other people. (That's one thing a community would help with.) Flickr, obviously being about photos more than anything makes that easy - but sometimes I worry you might think I'm ignoring you all on Lj.

Hopefully people here know they can *always* post images of their MOO stuff - but doing a dedicated post and inviting images is a great idea.
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11th Aug, 2008 18:19 (UTC)
i like the blog very much thank you.
11th Aug, 2008 21:21 (UTC)
thank you - and is the content ok? Anything you fancy more or less of?
(no subject) - dementedcraving - 12th Aug, 2008 04:00 (UTC) - Expand
11th Aug, 2008 20:21 (UTC)
I prefer the blog, it just seems more appropriate to the subject at hand.
11th Aug, 2008 22:27 (UTC)
I LOVE moo and I like this blog. It makes it much more personal and really gives moo a personality (rather then moo being a faceless business).

I like blamedstarlie's idea of of the 'show me...' posts where people will be able to respond to that particular post with their moo products.

Keep up the great work and keep up with the showcasing posts - I love the showcasing of all the creative work of moo customers.

11th Aug, 2008 22:46 (UTC)
I'm ok with the blog, since I'm more or less looking for news updates. Seeing what people use the cards for is awesome as well though. I love some of your features! So I know seeing a community would be great as well.

Would it be to difficult to have both? Blog for news and random features (stuff like it is now), but have a community on the side for everything else? That way no one misses out, and no one is forced to see both if they don't want to.

to be honest, I've never thought of, or cared if you guys looked through my journal. It's as angsty as it gets for a 19 year old female, without self harm, but honestly... I don't know you guys XD It's not like you'd hunt me down and tell me to stop crying over my ex or anything.

This reminds me... I need more mini cards and I have paypal cash =D YAY

13th Aug, 2008 09:11 (UTC)
Actually, knowing what we're like, if you actually emailed us and told us you were crying over your ex we'd probably gather round the computer and compile you a big list of advice. But no - we wouldn't hunt you down first :)

I'll have a think about the community and see if there's a way we could make it work, and in the meantime stick with the blog and ask for more images and feedback.

Thanks for your comments!
11th Aug, 2008 23:23 (UTC)
I like it. It's nice to hear about new products from a company that makes stuff I like (with the pictures I took, no less), and it's cool to see what others come up with. All on all, I'm a happy LJ follower. I also subscribed to the "real" MOO blog in my reader, so things sometimes get a little redundant. Not your fault, of course.
13th Aug, 2008 09:14 (UTC)
yep- most of the time the content is the same, between the blog on MOO and LJ. It's another reason i thought I'd ask you all what you thought - just incase you fancied something different, or there was something more or less interesting to you guys.

I like the idea of calling for content in a post though. It would be nice to see LJ people's cards together.
11th Aug, 2008 23:52 (UTC)
I like the blog as-is also. I maintain a small number of contacts on LJ and like that Moo doesn't flood that list the way I think a community would.

I like the show-me post idea, and also I know I'd love to see Moo themselves showcase some innovative or just plain cool creations they've come across, maybe on a weekly basis. MiniCard Mondays?
13th Aug, 2008 09:18 (UTC)
We do try and showcase the best of what we see. Sometimes when things get a bit busy here though, the blog can get a wee bit neglected. Also, like you I don't want to flood the list or post too much, incase it drives people a bit nuts!
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