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Unleashing the MOO potential

Just when we thought summer was never going to arrive, MOO HQ is slowly melting in the London sunshine. While our brains are frying, here's some inspiration from people with just a bit more energy than we have right now. Some great shots of people using MOO's to their fullest potential...

Mini flyers! And yes, Mini in every sense of the word. Flickr user, dlopez8a has created these with Business Cards to promote a Mini Cooper social, in South Carolina.

oh_gosh has also used Business Cards, but this time for invitations to a private party. She used Wordle to create these - which seems to be more popular by the second! (If you've not tried it, you should give it a go).

These Text MiniCards were spotted in Canada, decorating favours for a baby shower. It's a complicated line of credit, but, praguelondon posted this photo on Flickr - and it was actually taken by her friend Melanie.

Willeke & Bertrand have been busy creating beautiful things, and then wrapping them - each package perfectly sealed with a little MOO Sticker

While another crafter, jek in the box took this beautiful shot of her work, all tagged with MiniCards and ready for sale.

And last but by no means least, look at these cool MiniCards, Postcards and badge sets! designbyclaire made them for an exhibition, and they look fantastic!

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