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Parties, pies... Quiet please!

Nobody shout. It's Friday, and really, who doesn't need a little peace and quiet on a Friday? ESPECIALLY AFTER OUR PARTY! Ouch. We had fun! And from the great photos we've seen, so did you. Thanks to everyone for coming along last night, it was fantastic to see so many of you. After a hectic last-minute change of venue, we were all a little worried. But you can't keep a good MOOster down, and everyone made it there – and made it great.

We had Stickers, as modelled by the ever handsome MOO interns, Jake and Angel. They're photographed here by Alicia, but please, all future model bookings should come via me...

We had balloons, as beautifully shot by _sarchi

Postman Pat came along too - Alex took this photo. Pat was delivering MOO orders, placed by party people earlier this week.

There were bowler hats, like this one, modelled by Meg Pickard, and shot by Richard.

Some of which were cunningly customised-on-the-go, like this one, shot by tommyajohansson

Each bowler hat had a sticker inside - if you found a black and white cat, you won a prize! If you found the stray ginger cat, then the boobie prize was yours... Well, we say boobie prize, but really, who wouldn't want a signed photo of Iain, our lovely project manager? On reflection, maybe the lovely lady who won it...

We had food - or so I hear. Look at these people! 'Twas gone in a flash! This photo is by Annie Mole

and this, of the aftermath by M.J.S.

It was pretty hot inside, so lots of people headed for the ouside space - and partied from light:

(photo by symphonic knot)

'Till dark

(photo by AnnieMole)

In a nutshell? A fun time was has by all...

(photo by _sarchi)


And a tiny PS: look what happened today... the lunch company totally got our order wrong. We were supposed to have 29 pies for lunch, and we got...

Sixty! Sixty pies. Which makes a very happy MOO Crew:

(Thanks to blackbeltjones for the photo of Richard.)


Thanks again for coming - and have a great weekend!


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25th Jul, 2008 13:06 (UTC)
Feeling a touch delicate myself this afternoon but I only have to be at work for four hours today.
It was a great time!
25th Jul, 2008 14:15 (UTC)
four hours? Forget MOO, we're all coming to work with you :D
Glad you had fun!
25th Jul, 2008 15:37 (UTC)
damn, I remember back in the day when you offered free moo cards (the business cards) to paid users for a very limited time. I got mine all set up, and boom... my computer died. Once I got it up and running again, the promotion was over. :( I was a very sad lj user.
25th Jul, 2008 21:51 (UTC)
Thanks for a good party Moo! :)

Here's me at the party!

(Sad cos i missed the free munch!)
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