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It's already been over a week since the launch of MOO Business Cards. After taking a quick recovery lie-down, we've been busy fixing odd things and gawping at the amazing cards you've been making.

There are a few things we're still working on, so if you see anything odd, please bear with us. If it's *really* odd then please contact us and let us know the details. Sometimes things happen that we just can't replicate and it's your great feedback that helps to make things better.

There's now an online template for Business Cards, for those who've asked. Like the templates for other products it's the right size in pixels, millimetres and dpi, all you need to do is add your image, hide the guides and save as a maximum quality RGB JPEG. We don't have templates for the images to be used on the reverse as yet - we're just in the process of whipping this up into better shape, squashing the odd bug, and adding a bit of functionality. These fixes should go live next week - so if you've had any problems, please accept our apologies and bare with us just a little bit longer.

Some of you have also asked about a PDF upload for the text side of the cards. This too is coming as fast as we can get it out there. When we have it all in place, we'll let you know. (You know Text Business Cards are live now, right?)

As I mentioned, it's been great watching the cards you've made so far get printed and packed. Also fun watching them pop-up in the Flickr pool.

These are some examples we've spotted:

Illustrated Business Cards by Askey Illustration. (Also a MOO Designer)

Great photo cards, by Doc18

Variety is the spice of life, by Trevira

and it's all about the words, for Edd Dumbill, who used Wordle to make his cards.

But enough! Now it's on to the even more exciting stuff.

MOO's having a party on Thursday, July 24th in London, and you're invited!

Yes! We're doing it again. Last year we had the Hot and Sticky Summer Party and this year, we're less confident about the weather (hello, London rain), but we're partying anyway!

Its at the Ambassador, same lovely place as last time, and there'll be drink, good company, and a lot of MOO Fun. You can find all the details on Upcoming and on Facebook too.

And one more thing:

Special offer for party people - place an order to collect at the party and get FREE shipping!

Use the code HACCJE on the payment page, which will give you the discount and tag your order. We'll hand your stuff over on the night.

***Orders must be placed by Sunday 20th July***

Hope you can make it - we're looking forward to seeing you.


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10th Jul, 2008 16:05 (UTC)
gah! I wish I'd thought of using Wordle to make my cards. Brilliant.

That said, I love the cards i've got. Roll on payday.
11th Jul, 2008 09:49 (UTC)
I agree
D'oh, me too! now I have to make a new order!
10th Jul, 2008 17:31 (UTC)
slightly off-topic questions
I'd won a flickr pro acct during the moo egg hunt. I hadn't used it yet & I've got 2 questions.

1) If I upgrade to a pro acct now with th e code, will I still get Moo minicards?
2) Can I use the code to give a friend another year of service? And if so, will I (or my friend) still be able to get Moo minicards?

Thanks in advance!
17th Jul, 2008 13:03 (UTC)
Re: slightly off-topic questions
1) yes, I think so :)
2) I wasn't sure, but the word from above is:
No, we assign the code based on a check when you visit moo.com/flickr/pro so you have to be logged in to that account to use it.

Hope that helps :)
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