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Fond farewells, happy bonjours.

Our first intern has flown the nest. We knew this day would come - it's kind of what interns do I suppose, but it doesn't make it any better. Rui, who we introduced all those months ago has got a brand new job back in Japan. On the one hand, we're really happy for her - the job sounds great - but we can't help feeling a wee bit sorry for ourselves.

But, we shall let her speak for herself:

"Hi Moosters,
It's very sad to announce that I have to leave MOO and cannot be one of the MOO staffs any more. I found a career opportunity at an international organisation, which deals with environmental problems in Japan. In spite of my position as a temporary staff, I stayed at MOO for a quite while, because MOO is very comfortable and I love all the MOOsters.

The MOO community is so cool, creative, kind, nice, supportive... well, I need 100 pages to describe how great you are. Thank you very much for all your supports, and wish you the best luck! Arigato!"

Rui, we will miss you! We've got someone waiting in the wings to continue your Japanese blog, but you know what? You're a tough act to follow! Please keep in touch.


And now, after after the rain, some sunshine. Julien, our guitar-hero-playing French intern has been getting out and about on MOO's behalf.

Before we start, this photo might help you get a better feeling of Julien, and how he's getting on at MOO. He's the one with his hands in the air... (The one with the green glasses is Jakob - and you'll be hearing more about him soon).

And here's what Julien has to say:

"I wanted to share with you some of the things I've been doing as the (official!) French MOO ambassador. Well, I went back to France last week-end, and as I wanted to present MOO to a lot of people (I haven't left my MiniCard Holder the whole week-end... just in case), I've attended a very cool bloggers' event – and MOO were 'sponsors' too.

We were around 30 people, discussing geeky stuff and gossips about the blogosphere. We spoke a lot, had (a few) drinks, and it was very very interesting. A lot of French bloggers already know us, but the ones who didn't were really (positively) surprised. Have a look at some pictures! And you can learn more about it on the French MOO blog.

It was a real pleasure,


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