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Photoshop wizards, sharing spells

We announced MOO's API the other week - which allows people with just a little tech knowledge to create cool apps that integrate with MOO's process. If you don't have the tech knowledge but still fancy making something cool, you could try using Photoshop instead.

Two talented MOOsters, Dawn Mikulich and Aral Balkan have posted their creative Photoshop templates online. Each produce very different, but very cool results.

First up, Dawn. A talented photographer based in Chicago, Dawn recently made this set of MiniCards:

With beautiful bright images, the cards are split into sections, perfectly showcasing several photos at once. Dawn has kindly put the template online - and it sounds like it's going down a treat! If you use it, do let us know in the comments, we'd love to see how your cards turnout.

Next up, Aral. You might remember him from last year. He made MiniCards featuring the code needed to get the 100 most recent photos from Flickr into Flash, using SWX. They're very cool - take a look

This time, he's been making mosaics. (MOOsaics? Gah!)
Here's a photo, taken by Relly so you can see what I mean:

Aral's online template is pre-set to the correct dimensions, and is 'sliced for your convenience'. All you need to do is import your photo, make sure it fits in the document correctly and 'Save for Web'.

jenschr has already tried it out - and got a great result:

Again, if you make cards like this, let us know!

And finally, many congratulations to MOO customer, Yves Snoeren. The Snoren's have recently had a new addition to the family, in the shape of a beautiful baby girl. There's been no time to waste since the birth however, as Yves has been racing about creating the birth announcements! With custom M&M's and a cute little teddy, all that was missing was something small and funky, with the details. Luckily, MiniCards did the trick:

and they didn't do it just the once - but many times!

Congratulations, from everyone at MOO :)


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17th Jun, 2008 13:58 (UTC)
Mosaic worked, but...
... it would be so nice if there was an option to say "don't color correct cards individually". That'd make the puzzle process much easier as well as the cards look better :)

18th Jun, 2008 17:46 (UTC)
Re: Mosaic worked, but...
I did spot your comment on Flickr, and it confused me a bit... we apply exactly the same colour profiling information to all the cards - because it takes into account the laminate. So each card will be adjusted in the same way. Theoretically, if all your cards have come from one image, they'll all be adjusted in exactly the same way, so they should all work together.
20th Jun, 2008 09:55 (UTC)
From the looks of the cards, each card in my box was color corrected with a unique profile for each picture. If you zoom in on the mosaic, you can see this on several of the tiles, but it's most noticeable in the ones with only a few colors in them.

If you send me an email (jenschr (at) gmail), I'll send you the full rez image.


PS: I also noticed that we placed on of the tiles in the lower right corner wrong :)
21st Jun, 2008 06:23 (UTC)
ah. hmmm. In that case, I shall bring it up with the über-tech people and see what they say. I actually did something similar to this myself with an illustration I've done and it didn't happen there - but then the image is very different. This has really confused me, so I'll ask around and see what they say :)

edit: Actually, looking at Aral's photo again, it doesn't seem to happen there, but what I have just remembered is that Aral didn't take the bleed into account in his document - so you'll be missing the outside 2mm's of the image on each card - it gets cut off. I wonder if the nature of your photo (compared to his) is what's making this more obvious?

Edited at 2008-06-21 06:26 (UTC)
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