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Your Webby, our chocolate

It's funny when you look round, realise your CEO isn't here, and only figure out where he's gone by reading the national press. Luckily for us, the mention is in a broadsheet, and no, Richard isn't embroiled in some tabloid fiasco. He's been at the Webby's!

The mention was in the British paper, The Guardian, where UK blogger Zoe Margolis was live blogging the event. Richard was there to pick up the People's Voice Award (that's you) for Best Service (that's us). It was super cool for us to even be nominated, let alone win, so we can only thank you again.

The Webby's are famous for various things, not least the fact they insist on 5 word acceptance speech. We were pleased to hear Richard used his 5 words wisely. Zoe reports:

"Next up, the British "They said print was dead." Classy: us Brits rule, clearly."

Classy? Us? Well... You know.

One last thing, before we stop showing off, the award itself:

And while we're on the subject of print, and it's lack of being dead, look!

Yes, believe. It's chocolate, but printed with little versions of the MOO logo. No, we're not branching out in business, just in waistline. Dan, king of the MOO Warehouse has friends in high places. His lovely friend Angela, who works for T Shirt Patisserie, made us these as a special treat. This shot is actually nothing short of a miracle, because seconds later, all the white chocolate truffles you see there were... gone.
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