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Feeling a little drawn

We've got some great designers on MOO, and it has to be said, we don't talk about them enough. Their work is vast and varied, ranging from the cute, to the scientific, the sarcastic and the scary.

Whilst browsing around our Flickr pool I spotted this great photo:

It's by MOO designer Andrea Joseph. She's been ordering a few of her own Ready Made packs, and photographing the printed artwork next to the original subject of the illustration. Look at this one too:

And some of the pens she works with:

The above MiniCards are all available as individual images - so you can mix and match with other designers, but if you're a purist, get a whole Ready Made pack - they make a fantastic set.

Like many of MOO's designers, Andrea has a blog, where she writes about her artwork as she creates it. All beautifully drawn, the attention to detail is really something special. I love this recent post and accompanying illustration describing her professional set up - 'recently relocated from the armchair to the kitchen table':

(Actually, looking at this again I've just spotted the bit about the MOO boxes, on the right! Do take a look at it a bit bigger)

Andrea is also involved in a project with other artists - an International Moleskine Sketchbook Exchange. If illustration is your thing, check it out - the artwork is amazing, and it's such a great idea. I just wish I could intercept the post, and swipe the book when it's done!


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4th Jun, 2008 20:02 (UTC)
She is, indeed a really good artist. I knew her online via a few artist communities. When she first became a Moo designer, I ordered one of her Ready Made postcard sets - it is a great way to own some of her amazing artwork!
5th Jun, 2008 12:14 (UTC)
It's a good reminder that is is possible to do *some* things without a computer. I must admit I'm terrible... I haven't drawn anything with a pen or pencil in so long. I can barely sign my own name these days. There's something really magical about sketches and hand drawn things.
(I've always preferred sketches to finished paintings, for example).
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