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Bring me sunshine

It's been a really busy week at MOO towers, hence the slight lack of blog updates. Since the launch of the new-look Ready Made last week, we've all been heads down working on our latest Thing, which of course, we can't talk about. But rest assured, it's all good, and when we can tell you more, we will do.

We have one new addition to the team this week! Meet Sid:

He's our latest front-end developer. Quite experienced, he can also speak French and German, so he's helping out on any little localisation issues. He does talk a lot, but is always ready with good advice - you can see him helping Nicky here, while they grab a quick drink on the roof terrace:

The 'roof terrace' in our new office is proving quite a hit. It has to be said, at the moment it's more 'roof' than 'terrace', but it's a real treat to have our own outside space. We've been lucky to have some sunny London days recently, so in these busy times when the going gets tough, the tough get going - outside:

Oddly, two out of four people in this shot aren't actually working, and 50% are drinking beer, but it's a freak shot, not really the norm - honest.

But enough about us - more about you. These are some lovely things we've spotted you making recently:

A beautiful little bookmark, for Mother's Day, by S h e l l y. Made using a MiniCard.

Magnets! Cleverly made by tanisalexis, from Stickers and salvaged industrial magnetic tape. (Why don't I ever find anything that cool?)

These really cute MiniCards and Postcards by Penguin & Fish

And I also love this great shot by _Haru88

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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24th May, 2008 14:06 (UTC)
I love that Sid has his own bottle of water in the second shot... :)
24th May, 2008 15:47 (UTC)
ha - me too :) I'm not even sure why he does - that shot wasn't set up, I just pinched it off one of the MOO Crew's flickr streams.
24th May, 2008 17:56 (UTC)
Do you guys actually do any work, or do you spend the whole time staging these pictures? Haha.
24th May, 2008 22:27 (UTC)
haha - i wish we *did* spend the whole time staging photos. It's been like a mad house for the past few weeks - and I have a feeling it'll get busier in the weeks to come. Long story, but all will be revealed one day :)
(Deleted comment)
25th May, 2008 09:21 (UTC)
no way! That is fantastic :) Fancy them having a holder too. I love that!
25th May, 2008 02:23 (UTC)
1st Jun, 2008 16:41 (UTC)
Why does Sid look like a plant?
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