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Spring cleaning, and a bit of sparkle

Did you notice we've changed a bit? We've got a bit wider, got a snazzy new homepage (featuring some great photos from our fantastic customers) and best of all, we've made it easier to browse about and go shopping!

Yes, we've given Ready Made a bit of a facelift, which means it's now much easier to view designer packs of cards or stickers and treat yourself (or your friends) to something really special.

(Like these colourful NoteCards, from Kevin Meredith

or these retro pattern MiniCards, by Rachel Cave)

If you've never seen MOO Ready Made at all before, we will forgive you - it was a bit hidden. Basically, it's packs of cards or stickers designed by our wonderful designers. But rather than mixing and matching, you can buy complete packs, and personalise them as you would a pack made with your own images.

This is great for 2 main reasons I think...
1) Designer images are perfect for those times when you realise your own photos are rubbish - or if not rubbish, perhaps just not quite right.

You might take some lovely holiday snaps, but they're not always what you want to hand over to a potential new client. "Yes, call me, we'll do lunch. Here's a shot of me in a bikini... Oh no, err hang on. Me on a donkey? Yes, I'm a professional accountant, I just umm..."

2) Making personal gifts is really nice. A beautiful pack greeting cards for your mum, or slightly evil postcards for your brother is a great gift. Especially when you can add your own personal message to the back - which is big enough to make them feel special when they see it, but not so large they wont be able to use the cards for sending out to their own friends.

So do have a browse around, and see what our talented designers have been up to. But before you go, here's a few of my own favourites.

Colin Johnson MiniCards - bright, weird and wonderful!

Marc Johns Stickers - a whimsical look at life. (Makes me snigger.)

Nut and Bee Postcards, gentle, cute, and great for the young, or young at heart.

Andrea Joseph Greeting Cards. (Just the way I'd like to draw if I ever get off this computer!)

Puppies! By Fotolia - yes, I'm a 'dog person' - but there are kittens, for you weirdo 'cat people'...

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