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New home, new homies

We've moved! Not that far away from our previous office, but far enough to require a full investigation into local pubs and sandwich shops. I'll keep you posted if we find anything spectacular. Our previous office was very nice - host to a lot of food...

a lot of birthdays...

Some sad times...

And some happier times...

We packed MiniCard Holders there:

We locked our CTO in the cupboard and refused to let him out,

All in all, we worked really hard.

But now, on to bigger and better things! Look at all this space:

It's quite overwhelming...

Luckily we have tanks, to help with our global domination plan:

And, umm... this:

But, you know. We're sure it'll all be fine.

In the meantime, we have a new member of the MOO crew. The wonderful Julien - a special intern from France! He's helping out with our localisation, and marketing initiatives. He's also set up a French Facebook group for us, and he's keeping a French MOO blog, too.

But enough of me talking, I'll let Julien speak for himself...

Hi everyone!

So I'm Julien, and I'm working at MOO as an intern since the beginning of April. And I'm French! I study management in a French Business School which is also based in London. I've been living here since September, and will move to Paris next September. I don't come from Paris but from Nantes, a wonderful city close to the Atlantic Ocean. And I really miss it sometimes.

My role at MOO is to help the marketing team and to breathe life into the French MOOers' community. If you speak French (even just a few words, we don't mind!), just have a look at my blog, or at our Facebook group. Feel free to participate, leave a message or post pictures, to show the French all what you do with your cards and stickers!

Bonjour tout le monde!

Bienvenue à tous ! Je m'appelle donc Julien, et je suis stagiaire chez MOO depuis le début du mois d'avril. J'étudie dans une école de commerce française qui a aussi un campus à Londres, et j'habite donc à Londres depuis septembre dernier. Mais je viens de la belle ville de Nantes, qui d'ailleurs me manque beaucoup.

Mon rôle ici chez MOO est non seulement d'aider l'équipe marketing dans ses tâches quotidiennes, mais aussi de promouvoir MOO en France et de bâtir, avec vous, une communauté francophone autour de votre utilisation des MiniCards, StickerBooks et autres articles MOO. Vous pouvez donc me retrouver sur mon blog (pour en savoir plus sur MOO et moi, et vous!), ainsi que sur le groupe Facebook qui vous est dédié. N'hésitez pas à nous y rejoindre, et à laisser des messages, images, photos... Ce groupe est fait pour vous ! Vous pourrez également y retrouver les dernières actualités, en français, sur MOO.


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12th May, 2008 18:06 (UTC)
Nice one! You can fill all that space with such productive things, like huge piles of cupcakes!
12th May, 2008 21:13 (UTC)
how did you manage to read my mind?
7th Apr, 2011 05:48 (UTC)
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