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Happy days and holidays

Thanks to everyone who responded to our slightly desperate plea to vote for MOO in the Webbys! The official winners will be announced on Tuesday, so we shall wait the results with bated breath.

While we wait for that, you have the winners of our 'design a laptop sticker' competition to look forward to! There's been over 600 entries and trying to narrow that down to the best 90 has been really hard. Some entries made us laugh, others got a slight look of confusion, and many more got an 'awww!' All will be revealed on Tuesday - thank you very much to everyone who took part.

This week has been really busy in the office - but not so busy we couldn't celebrate a birthday - or in fact, two. Richard Pope, our awesome Information Architect *finally* hit 30, and the lovely Kim, an amazing Product Manager (and creator of handmade bunnies) had a birthday too. It's not nice to discuss a ladies age though, so you can look at Kim's cake instead.

In other news, this great little use for Stickers was spotted in the Flickr pool, thought up by -DjD-

And a mysterious project has been started by Flickr member diceliving . He's using Minicards to promote a voicemail experiment, and he's asking UK residents to get in touch and help spread the word!

Finally, it's a bank holiday here in the UK this weekend, which traditionally means we'll be sloshing about in the rain. Hope its sunny where you are!


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2nd May, 2008 22:06 (UTC)
many cabbage returns!
2nd May, 2008 23:51 (UTC)
SuN? What's that then?

I got my first ever batch of MiniCards and stickers through the post the otherday (arriving the next day after being posted, LOVE!) and I've gone nuts and been showing them to absolutly everyone who will look and slapped some on my laptop straight away and been telling everyone to buy Moo! Wheeeee!!!

Moo I love you!
3rd May, 2008 06:01 (UTC)
awww :( I didn't even know you were up for a webby :( If I'd known I would've voted for you. :(
3rd May, 2008 10:16 (UTC)
thank you
good afternoon
i am the flickr member diceliving, and i wanted to thank you for mentioning my project, greatly appreciated.

brief outline:::
This is an experiment and you are apart of it.
Leave a voicemail message 07599828247.
Tell a joke, confess a sin, reveal an embrassing secret, sing a song, or give the number out in a nightclub. The choice is yours.
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