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Feeling touchy?

One of the nice things about MOO products, is the chance to get your stuff OFF the computer and into people's hands. As more and more people take digital photos, more and more people have virtual folders full of stuff they never do anything with. You can't stick a digital file on the fridge, and you can't prop it up on your desk. You can't send it in the post, and you can't frame it and put it on your wall.

And you know what? It's a bit of a shame, that.

Today we're going to celebrate people who take 'getting-stuff-off-your-computer' one step further. Scrapbookers! MOO cards and stickers are all acid and lignin free (took us a while to research that one, but people asked, so we thought we should check.) This means they're perfect for adding a unique and personal touch to your scrapbook designs... Something you can't buy in a shop.

It also means you can make a scrapbook full of images about your life, loves and friends and get everything lurking on your hard drive *off* and turned into something beautiful.

Here's a lovely example by Relly, who used MOO MiniCards for this design:

And another example using MiniCards - this time in a journal, by Heather:

Taking a different tack, Jamie Bloom made this beautiful calendar:

and Gina created this mix of painting and collage.

Relly has also taken advantage of MOO Stickers - to great effect. Look at this! Its a page full of a whole StickerBook's worth of images, detailing an entire year:

(If you fancy making Stickers, now's a good time - we've got a special offer!)

But some people do scrapbooking a little differently. These beautiful cards have been made by Renske. She creates collages and then photographs them. The resulting pictures make great MiniCards themselves:

and I've just spotted this - a scrapbook style design, made of the MiniCards which feature photos of Renske's scrapbook style designs!

Scottish scrapbooker, Emma has done something similar, and used photos of her beautiful collages, for MOO Postcards. Her designs are fantastic - check out the more detailed photo.

So, the moral of the story? Get out the glue, get your photos off the computer, and get creative!
Happy weekend, everyone!


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25th Apr, 2008 11:44 (UTC)
I LOVE to scrapbook, and these are all awesome ideas! Sweet, thank you for posting this!!
25th Apr, 2008 12:41 (UTC)
aww, no problem! Let us know if you make something :)
25th Apr, 2008 16:57 (UTC)
That's awesome. I've got a few that I've scrapped, they are highly individual senses of art. Even the "plain" ones.
25th Apr, 2008 17:08 (UTC)
I'd love to do a scrapbooking inspiration page on the moo site*. If you do scrapbook with MOO and have a nice photo we could show off on your behalf (with a credit, of course) please do let us know.

One of the best things about our company is our customers, and it's great to show you all off when I can :)

*a bit like the mother's day one: http://www.moo.com/ideas/mothersday
25th Apr, 2008 16:58 (UTC)
I'd never considered using my cards to scrapbook! That's a great idea. ♥
25th Apr, 2008 23:07 (UTC)
Moo cards
Love them moo cards.

Got my invite to ravelry today.

tried to send you a message...it didn't work.
I am using vtunnel at work.

I hope this commet posts.
25th Apr, 2008 23:25 (UTC)
What a great idea! Thanks for posting this.
28th Apr, 2008 14:49 (UTC)
Nice pictures & designs. Not into scrapbooking but thought you'd be amused to know I gave my Moo cards to a famous Japanese director & a famous Japanese idol singer last night...

Shinji Higuchi & Jun Matsumoto.

Love them Moo cards!! <3
29th Apr, 2008 08:45 (UTC)
wow - that's great! Did you get any photos?
I'll tell Rui, she works for MOO in Japan, and writes the Japanese blog: http://mooprint.cocolog-nifty.com/
29th Apr, 2008 14:43 (UTC)
I wish! They took our cameras & cameraphones. :(

There were no pics of him allowed at all. :(

I think it's a Johnny's rule that their people can't be photographed by or with fans in public. The press got lots of pics but not us poor fangirls... ;_;
30th Apr, 2008 13:29 (UTC)
Aww, well Rui was most impressed - even without pictures :)
Maybe they're worried that you would look so good in the photo, he would pale in comparison? I'm sure it's that!
30th Apr, 2008 16:28 (UTC)
LOL! After seeing him in person I doubt it!

He was too hot & oh so sweet! *Swoon*
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