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MOO Egg Hunt Ultimate Egg Basket Winner

This is the moment we've all been waiting for - the announcement of the Grand Prize Winner of the Ultimate Egg Basket.

After a busy two weeks of hunting online and in the 'Great outdoors' at the beginning of March, and discovering eggs hidden in products throughout March and April, it's time to say a final goodbye to the Egg Hunt 2008 and a big hurrah! for the Grand Prize winner.

Our lucky winner is...

Alex Yirrell

Alex is the lucky winner of;

A Canon DSLR;

A silver video ipod nano;

Kim's handmade bunny;

as well as a selection of prizes from all our Egg Hunt partners;

A Flickr Pro Account
A Picnik Premium Account
A $200 Timbuk2 Gift Certificate
A Blurb book
An Etsy Spending Spree
A Styleshake dress

Alex, those lovely prizes will be winging their way over to you shortly, so well done and lucky you!

We have had a cracking few weeks so thank you to everyone who took part.

If you're still mourning the end of the Egg Hunt, why not take part in our Sticker Design competition? With more great prizes to be won and fun to be had, have a look here.


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22nd Apr, 2008 01:30 (UTC)
Wow Moo, great prizes! Congrats Alex!
22nd Apr, 2008 02:34 (UTC)
I completely forgot about how awesome the prizes were. Now I recall, I wanna win it... mainly because I've been eyeing off buying a Canon SLR for a lil bit now. Boo! I wish I'd remained forgetful!

That said, awesome work -- congrats, Alex!
2nd Jul, 2008 01:42 (UTC)
I'd won a flickr pro acct during the moo egg hunt. I hadn't used it yet & I've got 2 questions.

1) If I upgrade to a pro acct now with th e code, will I still get Moo cards?
2) Can I use the code to give a friend another year of service? And if so, will I (or my friend) still be able to get Moo cards?

Thanks in advance!
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