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MOO Stickers for sellers

Hopefully, you'll've already spotted that MOO is having a Sticker promotion. Buy 3 books of StickerBooks for the price of 2. All you need to do is make up any 3 books, using your own photos, or some of MOO's designs, and at the check out stage, enter the promo code: moostickersfree. Voilà! An instant 33% off.

If you're an Etsy seller, you might also know that MOO also has tools to help you make Stickers straight from your Etsy photos. If you're wondering how you could use the Stickers, we thought that now might be a good time to show you some of the cool things we've seen. Sure you can make Stickers for yourself, but while there's an offer on, why not make really good use of the Books, and start promoting yourself!

Tanis Alexis sells Stationery sets on Etsy, featuring her own artwork. A cute addition to the pack are these MOO Stickers, perfect for sealing envelopes or personalising cards.

Rather than stationery sets, Annette Mangseth sells Sticker sets like these, featuring her beautiful illustrations.

We've also seen stickers used in a variety of different ways, to create professional looking packaging. These really smart gift certificates are from photographer, Robyn

Kristin Williams, also has a range of fantatsic looking packaging, which she enhances further with MOO Stickers. Check out the original photo, for urls of other packaging suppliers.

If your budget is a little lower, then use MOO to enhance the packaging options you have already. These smart little boxes by Alison Brookbanks, have been simply embellished with Stickers, to create something crisp, and stylish.

While ladyfort uses a Sticker from MOO Designer Lara Cameron, as a much more attractive alternative to sticky tape.

Lemon Cadet gave her business cards a little make-over with MOO Stickers...

... While we've put Stickers to good use at MOO. Our sticky tape machine is covered!

And finally, if you are an illustrator, designer or photographer, and you're feeling creative, why not enter our Sticker Competition! It's the weekend afterall - what else is there to do? Go on...


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