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Special Sticker Offer!

Oh alright then, we admit it - we were just kidding about the MightyCard - happy April, everyone! (It has to be said though, I'm rather attached to the name. Here, take my card - my MIGHTYcard!' What's not to like?)

But enough about cards, lets talk about Stickers. For the whole of April we'll be selling 3 StickerBooks for the price of 2, when you enter this promocode: moostickersfree.

You can use the code on any 3 packs of Stickers - which means 3 different packs, or 3 identical ones. Just make sure that there are 3 packs selected in the basket, before you enter the code. You can use the code as many times as you like (you can even pass it on) - and the offer ends at Midnight, GMT on 30 April, 2008. Happy Stickering!

If you haven't tried the Stickers yet, and you're wondering how big they really are, Flickr has the answer - the right size for your bag:

Leif's bag and Stickers...

Stickers and MiniCards in slightly awkward's bag

A bright yellow book, in NerdsUnite's bag

Three different coloured packs in natashalcd's bag

And a nice orange book, and more MiniCards in Kømär2069's bag.

No Stickers in your bag? Get some!


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2nd Apr, 2008 11:55 (UTC)
I was really counting on a MightyCard =[[
2nd Apr, 2008 20:25 (UTC)
aww - sorry. Maybe you could stick lots of MiniCards together
3rd Apr, 2008 00:07 (UTC)
Wow you just gave me this idea to design a bunch of mini cards that are separate pieces but make an awesome collage when you set them together XD
'cept I don't know what.
2nd Apr, 2008 13:03 (UTC)
I am so getting the sticker books this month.

And I do love the name Mighty Card, it kind of reads though like you have to say the word MIGHTY as if you were Brian Blessed and own a great big bushy beard.
2nd Apr, 2008 20:25 (UTC)
you SEE! That's exactly what I mean. Mighty is such a good word.
2nd Apr, 2008 22:18 (UTC)
You know I worked a show on Tuesday and Brian Blessed was the narrator. If only it had been a day or two later I'd of run round to backstage and asked if he minded me recording saying MIGHTYCARD just for the fun of listening to it over and over again. I swear that man could make paint drying sound exciting!
2nd Apr, 2008 13:19 (UTC)
Three packs of stickers + free minicard holder + free pack of greeting cards = brain a-splode!

I'd get some more MiniCards, but I've yet to distribute half of the original 100 I ordered!
3rd Apr, 2008 21:41 (UTC)
I'm in the same boat. I rarely use my stickers or minicards, but it's oh so tempting to buy more...
2nd Apr, 2008 13:43 (UTC)
LOL, I saw the Mightycard and was like, "Wow... the things they think of these days. I wonder if anyone's going to use them, but LOL they look interesting.." Hahahahaha!! Nice one!
2nd Apr, 2008 14:04 (UTC)
yay! I was going to order stickers and now I'm happy I held off ^__^
I also need to use up my discount for greeting cards...and I need to get more minicards asa I just started up my etsy shop Lucky Kat Designs! :D

I think I'll have a huge order this time ^__^
2nd Apr, 2008 15:11 (UTC)
Speaking of promocodes and bags....
I won 20% a Timbuk2 bag in the Moo Egg Hunt, and I already have WAY too many bags in my possession, so if anybody wants to make better use of it than I, just lemme know and the promocode is all yours!
2nd Apr, 2008 16:27 (UTC)
I can has? send me an email at gmail. The email is the same as my LJ handle. :)
3rd Apr, 2008 02:37 (UTC)
Email sent!
2nd Apr, 2008 17:50 (UTC)
Hi, sorry for the plug, but I have TWO 20% Timbuk2 discounts, and no use for either, so please feel free to ask for one!
3rd Apr, 2008 03:07 (UTC)
I would love one please. My gmail is the same as my lj handle too. Thank you very much!
2nd Apr, 2008 16:53 (UTC)
Yay! Free stickers.. Just placed an order... :D I was going to anyway, just didn't get round to it. And now..FREE STICKIES!! x
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