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Madonna, could you hold these for me?

It's awfully glamorous working at MOO, as I'm sure you can imagine. Based in the heart of the up-and-come 'East End' of London, we're working in a place steeped in history, industry and creativity. The oldest printing company in the country is just around the corner. The first magazine in England was published about 5 minutes from here and Charles Dickens set the scene for much of 'Oliver', on the Green around the corner. If that wasn't enough, Madonna and Alexander McQueen have been spotted hanging out in the very market where the MOO Crew buy their lunch.

Look, it's Madonna, hanging.

Yep, the glamour never stops. Or, that's what we tell ourselves when faced with this:

It's a stack of the awesome new MOO MiniCard Holders. Each one needs to be checked - have some special MOO magic placed inside - and packed ready for travelling.

So it's been all hands on deck:

From Richard (The Man in Black - our CEO) to Brian (blue shirt - VP of operations), to Kim (Product Manager - yellow cardigan) to Pete (left hand side, Global Marketing Manager).

Hardly anyone was spared this mammoth task - here's Lisa (VP of Sales & Marketing), Dan (Operations Supervisor) and Alicia (Associate Marketing Manager).

And suddenly, from the initial chaos, order is restored:

As a reward for all the hard work, it's back to the glamour again. Champagne! Well. Kind of. It's special British Champage. You know, some people might call it 'Tea'.

But the true glamour in this post is provided by 'elb_the_prof', with this lovely photo, proving all our hardwork was worth it. She's already received her MiniCard Holder, and it looks like it's a hit!

Don't quote me on this, but it could perhaps - in this instance - even be said to be more attractive than the photo of Madonna. Even better, the MiniCard Holder is more likely to hold your MiniCards without complaint for long periods of time. I have to admit I've not asked Madge to hold my cards, so I can't say that is 100% true. Perhaps if you see her you could ask her, and let me know?

Thanks for your help.


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28th Mar, 2008 12:43 (UTC)
I love you guys!
28th Mar, 2008 13:01 (UTC)
just ordered mine, they look ace. Then again, All Moo stuff looks ace.
28th Mar, 2008 13:25 (UTC)
surely you mean 'All Moo *staff* look ace'?
28th Mar, 2008 14:04 (UTC)
well, that goes without saying.
28th Mar, 2008 14:13 (UTC)
phew. Thought so :o)
2nd Apr, 2008 11:08 (UTC)
and it arrived this morning! shiny shiny silver envelope.

Hmm. Perhaps I need to order more cards to go in it...
28th Mar, 2008 15:26 (UTC)
I got mine!!
I ordered it the first day, and got it! I LOVE IT! Thanks, again, moo, you are amazing.
28th Mar, 2008 15:32 (UTC)
Mine came in the mail yesterday!! LOVE IT! Now I need to order stickers to cover it with. Thank you!!
28th Mar, 2008 15:42 (UTC)
I want two! Don't sell out yet! *whine* ;)

28th Mar, 2008 15:44 (UTC)
Question: The pictures I've all seen have the case opening to the right (as in being held by the right hand and opened by the right thumn). Do they also open to the left? Lefties like MOO, too!
28th Mar, 2008 15:57 (UTC)
yep - they swing both ways, so to speak.
28th Mar, 2008 20:39 (UTC)
... I was REALLY trying to avoid that joke :) Thanks for doing it for me!
29th Mar, 2008 10:47 (UTC)
always happy to oblige!
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