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Post-Easter inspiration (& vote for MOO!)

Here we are, just a few days after Easter, and already the Egg Hunt seems like ages ago. It's not over yet though, don't forget - the grand prize draw is still to come, on April 21st! In the meantime, look at this:

It's MOO's very own Mexican Wrestling Eggs, in real life! Painted very carefully by tonya2hadassah. We can only applaud such a steady hand and such dedication. Amazing!

There's been lots of great stuff whizzing by in the Flickr pool recently - here's a few colourful photos to get your creative juices flowing:

Cards and photo by 'Hello I'm James', to promote 'Gimme', his new Facebook App.

Lovely card and packaging, by 'Pukashell Creative Designs', used to package items sold in her Etsy Shop

Super-cute MiniCard and matching badges, by 'thickblackoutline' - get one for yourself, via Jen Hacking's site

A lovely photo of 'thinklia's Text MiniCards, made to promote her creative work

And finally... a man in a big green hairy suit. He has, in his left hand, a MiniCard, handed to him by 'Cellach' - who took this photo. She says "Anyone dressed this way is *asking* to have their picture taken! Luckily, he was quite happy about it." The MiniCard was given so he could look himself up online at a later date. (If you're reading this, Mr Green Man, is your name Matt? You look like someone I went to college with).

Hope that gives you a few ideas for cards of your own - if not then perhaps a hot new outfit.


And last but not least - Vote for MOO in the Next Web Awards! We've been nominated for Best European Company, along side eBuddy, Bebo, Dailymotion and Hyves. All votes count - especially yours :o)


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26th Mar, 2008 20:44 (UTC)
Great photos again.

I've voted in the Next Web Awards. All the best!
26th Mar, 2008 22:33 (UTC)
aww - thank you :)
26th Mar, 2008 21:48 (UTC)
The mexican eggs and the green-man are hilarious! I will make sure to show my friends these~

And those cards are so nice and so well-done. I want them :P

Thanks for the photos~
26th Mar, 2008 22:34 (UTC)
Aren't the eggs cool! Really made us smile when we saw them. And the poor man in the suit - I always feel so sorry for those people!
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