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Winners and weekend fun

First up, something to make you smile. The wonderful Jonathan Howells, film making star of the MOO Egg Hunt has finished his latest masterpiece. You met 'Hugo, The Cat of 1000 Faces', while searching for Eggs - here we present Episode 3, The Star Wars special. We're not sure who we love best, Leia, Darth or Yoda... Enjoy!

Next-up, something to read. We've talked about Flickr user Epmd many times before. He's been leaving MiniCards in various places around the globe as an ongoing 'Found Art' project. Now he talks about the project in this great article on JPG.

Epmd has also inspired other Flickr users to start their own projects. Macwagen has taken up the challenge and is photographing and mapping his cards as he leaves them. You can see his map here.

If you'd like to take part in something MOO related but a bit less energetic, join in the MOO-SLAM project. Rei Dishon, Tel Aviv based photographer and designer is collecting MiniCards to display as part of an exhibition. He's already exhibited in Italy and would like to gather cards from other MOO users out there for his next, more local exhibition. Find out more, and get involved.

And now, the winner of our MiniChallenge! We asked you to write a poem about the MOO Egg Hunt, or MOO itself. Thank you so much for all your entries, both here - and on MOO. Judging this was much harder than anticipated!

The winner is this late entry by Doomz. We were most impressed at the way he managed to sneak so many of our Egg Hunt Partners names in there - and bad yolks, indeed :-) Here is his winning entry:


This game turned our heads around like we were trapped in a twister
Picture-perfect moments, man, we should’ve caught it on Flickr
A lot of crazy clues stumped a lot of Moo-lovin’ folks
We should get Etsy tees saying: “We suffered some bad yolks”
It’s like a Picnik, packing omlettes by the dozen
Post some Blurbs ’bout crackin’ quips with our cousin
40 eggs hidden from here to Timbuk2
With crazy rhymes written up by you-know-who
If I had more time, I had far more rhymes bakin’
So Moo could really see my Style Shakin’
But for now I’ve gotta get crackin’, so this here rhyme’s fine
While I wait for an egg hunt in 2 double-oh 9!!!


Congratulations! Details of your prize will follow next week.

And finally - it's the list of super-sleuth winners of the Great Outdoors Egg Hunt. Our Egg Cracking Heroes and their cities of choice are:

Diane Tani: San Fransisco
Jo Eaton: New Zealand
Jennifer Rupert: New York
Gill Smart: Glasgow
Paul Beech: London
Carlos: Bacelona
Ben Blue: Paris
Luke Canvin: Oxford
Laura Mundee: Austin
Kevin Low: Japan
Julien Simery: Belgium
Frances Wong: Toronto
Allyson Newell: Niagra Falls

Congratulations to you all - and if you've not received details of your prize yet, it'll be coming via email early next week.

Happy Easter Everyone!

PS - If you've ordered from MOO in the last few days, please note that there is no UK postal pickup until Tuesday 25th, due to public holidays. This means we'll be shipping your orders as fast as we possibly can, from Tuesday.


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21st Mar, 2008 16:33 (UTC)
Oh noes, you posted on Strike Friday. The LJ Dramatists will be after you!
21st Mar, 2008 17:03 (UTC)
it's a bank holiday in the UK and I'm also sick with a hacking cough and a cold. I'm sad to say, I have no energy to fight. Sorry about that.
21st Mar, 2008 17:05 (UTC)
No worries. A) I was really really really joking, and B) I hope you feel better soon, and C) I love moo cards :)
21st Mar, 2008 17:38 (UTC)
aww. I know - and thank you :)

What I actually should've said was that I had promised to announce the winners of the Mini-Challenge on Friday. This was a pre-arranged promise, so I felt I should continue.

I wasn't intentionally flouting the ban.

(And given the way I was feeling, if I'd not already promised I would've stayed in bed.)

Edited at 2008-03-22 12:14 (UTC)
22nd Mar, 2008 12:36 (UTC)
Oh dear, really -- don't worry about it. I probably shouldn't have made the joke either. It's better not to taunt the Killer Rabbits.
21st Mar, 2008 19:49 (UTC)
that just makes them more awesome.
23rd Mar, 2008 10:33 (UTC)
Yay, I won something! Thanks Moo! It drove me nuts having to find my way to Roppongi, then searching that garden for 4 hours and almost missing my train. ^_^; It's so hard to take a picture of yourself + sticker when you're by yourself! Then going to Kinko's to send it to you where Photoshop and Firefox in Japanese were a pain to navigate. :P Anyway, I got a lot of stories about the adventure but I'll save it for an actual post. Just glad it worked out.

One thing I gotta mention is that when I went to take a picture of that sticker by the garbage can, I didn't know I was being observed by the police. After I left, the Officer came by and peered at the can, I guess assuming I had left the sticker there. Probably thought I was just a crazy foreigner and didn't do anything about it. :P
( 7 comments — Leave a comment )

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