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Wednesday Morning - Egg Hunt heats up

Good morning everyone. Welcome to day three of our second week of the MOO Egg Hunt. We're now halfway through the second week of the Hunt, and I must admit, we're very impressed with how you are doing.

Some of you are showing enormous determination and enterprise;
"I open Firefox about five minutes before the clues go live and set the tab with the blog to auto-refresh every 5 or 10 seconds. Then I get two or three egg hunt tabs with my info open as well. Then I just sit back and wait for the clues to show up."
MOO Egg Hunter, Zachary

Some of you are showing a healthy sense of competition;
"got 26! :D hope I’m first ^_^"
MOO Egg Hunter, Jennifer

Some of you are humble enough to ask for help;
"working on #16… hints please?!?"
MOO Egg Hunter, Lloyda

And some of you are just having a great time;
"MOO, you guys are so awesome! This egg hunt is just the best thing ever. Thank you guys!"
MOO Egg Hunter, Katie

Whatever your style, we hope that you continue to hunt like crazy for the next few days. Good luck!

And now for 2 more clues....

Clue for Egg Thirty-One

Our Moo Family grows by leaps and bounds.
Our employee list makes villains shout, “Zounds!”

'Cause we only add heroes to the employee roster,
And their continued success we're committed to foster.

But what's this you say? An imposter's sneaked in!
With an eggstrodinary name and an insolent grin?

Who is this villain and how sinister his appearance?
You must coax him out via mouse-movement temperance!

Clue for Egg Thirty-Two

Our egg is happy where he's at.
Contacting designer is, to him, old hat.

This one's near bothersome and not quite moo.
In Arctic villages, lives a rhyming clue.

You can look for him here, but follow him home,
As our adventurous egg, he does like to roam.


And finally, the hints, location and resting place of Egg Twenty-Eight - the Egg Cracking hero is:

Egg Twenty-Eight: Liz Killingbeck, at 11.26*
Hint #1: Hm. Have any shopping planned soon?
Hint #2: Don't delay, place that order today!
Hint #3: Pay attention to every screen as you complete your order.
Still stuck? We'd hidden this little egg on on the 'Thank you for your order page' on MOO.

** Oh dear. Like some of you, Little MOO got all confused about the difference between Eggs Twenty-Eight and Twenty-Nine and made a little mistake when figuring out who the winner was for Egg Twenty-Eight. It was actually Liz Killingbeck. But Anni will get to keep her prize as a little 'sorry' on Little MOO's behalf. Tut tut.

psst - Hint for Eggs Twenty-Nine and Thirty now added


( 21 comments — Leave a comment )
12th Mar, 2008 11:04 (UTC)
31 :-)
12th Mar, 2008 11:41 (UTC)
Excellent! 32!
12th Mar, 2008 11:52 (UTC)
Darn it, I wans't first with 31 :( and that was the first egg I managed to find! oh well...
12th Mar, 2008 12:22 (UTC)
I am not sure if i found 31, i was expecting it to be in the right hadn column and it appeared in the footer....
12th Mar, 2008 15:00 (UTC)
Keep looking on that page cause thats an old egg.
12th Mar, 2008 15:52 (UTC)
drat yea, notice the mini moo didn't email me...so much for finding that egg
12th Mar, 2008 16:20 (UTC)
I really found him this time, woo!
12th Mar, 2008 15:20 (UTC)
the one in the footer is the egg from last week - I'm pretty sure it's well rotten by now.
12th Mar, 2008 14:16 (UTC)
Haha! These 2 are fun!
12th Mar, 2008 15:04 (UTC)
Any hints for 32?
12th Mar, 2008 15:54 (UTC)
Look for someone that...

1. kind of rhymes with "moo", but then again, not quite...
2. someone kind of related to arctic... you know, people who live there... and go visit their "home"
12th Mar, 2008 22:20 (UTC)
I think I have that answer, but don't know where to look next, as in which site.
12th Mar, 2008 22:52 (UTC)
Oh, there it is. :) The 'home' bit seems misleading to me.
12th Mar, 2008 17:17 (UTC)
Ah, thanks. I was checking the Timbuck2 site, trying to figure out the artic mention. >.
12th Mar, 2008 18:01 (UTC)
And I still can't find it. >.
12th Mar, 2008 18:35 (UTC)
neither can I :(
12th Mar, 2008 18:39 (UTC)
I wonder if it is on the moo site, designer area, and has to do with penguins....mind you i still haven't found it
12th Mar, 2008 20:22 (UTC)
Their 'theme' keywords aren't that great are they.

So I've been looking for a designer on the moo site with an igloo or something similar, and then planning on going to their home page. Is this the right track?
12th Mar, 2008 22:49 (UTC)
"Looking for a designer on the moo site" - yes you're on the right track

"with an igloo..." - nope!

Which designer's name implies bothersome + people who live in the arctic?

Then follow to their home... try to contact them...
12th Mar, 2008 23:58 (UTC)
oh wow thanks i did find it

i so would have never gotten the 'then try to contact them' bit without you
13th Mar, 2008 05:02 (UTC)
Thank you for all your help!
( 21 comments — Leave a comment )

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