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Hello and Good morning.

I thought we'd start today with a little bit of MOO Egg Hunt trivia to help get you in the right frame of mind for a day of hunting...

Fact 1. So far we have had had over 3,500 entries into the MOO Egg Hunt
Fact 2. Of all of our winners to date, we have had 20 x two-times winners, 10 x three-times winners, 3 x four-times winners and 1 x five-time winner
Fact 3. The egg with the most entries was Egg One (hidden in our FAQs) with over 450 entries.
Fact 4. The egg with the fewest entries was Egg Six (typing 'lapin' revealed the egg on our homepage) with only 2 valid entries.
Fact 5. Over the weekend, the country with the most found eggs in the 'Great Outdoors' was the UK, followed by the USA and then also high on the list was New Zealand, France, Canada and Japan.

Interesting, right? Anyway, enough of all that. How about some more hidden eggs? It seems yesterday's clues left some of your stumped so we're going to take it easy today with one clue in the morning and two in the afternoon to give your brains a breather. Now, let's get on with the clue, eh?

Clue for Egg Twenty-Eight
There once was a happy customer
Who came by to place an order
She filled up their cart
And she went to depart
When an Egg she found at the closure!


And finally, the hints, locations and resting places of Eggs Twenty-Three and Twenty-Four - the Egg Cracking heroes are:

Egg Twenty-Three: sarah, at 11.07
Hint #1: The first line is a hint about a first name.
Hint #2: The last line is a hint about a last name.
Hint #3: The middle bits should help you find him on out site... and once again, the egg of course.
Still stuck? We'd hidden this little egg on on the MOO designer page of Michael Bedard!.

Egg Twenty-Four: Stephen Shirley, at 11.04
Hint #1: What partner site features handmade items?
Hint #2: There's an important verb in the last stanza.
Hint #3: The verb is also a link on the site where the egg is hiding.
Still stuck? The link was hidden on Etsy's Press page

shhhh - I've also added hints for Eggs Twenty-Five, Twenty-Six and Twenty-Seven


( 13 comments — Leave a comment )
11th Mar, 2008 11:26 (UTC)
I found 28...
11th Mar, 2008 12:28 (UTC)
How?! I felt like it was so easy when I read it, but when it wasn't where I thought it was, I got completely stumped.
11th Mar, 2008 12:38 (UTC)
you really do have to get to the end....better need some more moo in your life
11th Mar, 2008 12:56 (UTC)
No way. That doesn't seem right, to make us do that to find the egg. For reals, yo?
11th Mar, 2008 15:06 (UTC)
Focus on the last word or lose your temper like I did and say screw buying anything and...
11th Mar, 2008 19:21 (UTC)
Oh man I should have thought of that! I blame it on trying to work the clue at 4am after 15 hours of work. I think this was a good clue, MOO!
11th Mar, 2008 17:07 (UTC)
Ignore me I am talking out of my arse!
11th Mar, 2008 18:17 (UTC)
you can get out of it though-they wouldn't be that mean!-just keep on pluggin'
12th Mar, 2008 23:37 (UTC)
I guess it was for reals!
12th Mar, 2008 08:20 (UTC)
you just have to keep plodding on... it gets there in the end :)
11th Mar, 2008 12:37 (UTC)
I found 28, i found one yea!
11th Mar, 2008 16:10 (UTC)
Oh! #28 is a sneaky one... Just be brave and slowly proceed...!
11th Mar, 2008 17:39 (UTC)
Wait a sec... I think I accidentally found #30 instead, thinking it's #28???
( 13 comments — Leave a comment )

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