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Good Afternoon Egg Hunters, and let me present not one, not two, but three cracking clues for you to un-scramble. These three clues should keep even the best of you occupied for a little while.

Before we get started, I thought you might be interested to know that we've just heard from the MOO Crew at sxswi - and before midday! It was the MOO, Etsy, Threadless and Timbuk2 'People Powered Party' last night in Austin, so we weren't expecting a peep out of them for another few hours at least.

It sounds like they all had a lot of fun - we hear the queues were big, but most people made it through the doors somehow. For those that managed to get there early, there was a sneaky peek of the new MOO MiniCard holders, soon to be sold on the site. They seemed to go down very well - so we can't wait to see what the wider-world think of them.

If you managed to make it to the party, the travelling MOO Crew said thanks for coming - it was great to see so many people there, and we hope you all had fun. If you didn't manage to make it, don't worry! We'll hold another party somewhere else in the world just as soon as we can.

Now, back to the business at hand - more clues...

Clue for Egg Twenty-Five
There is a fun group for the Moosters
Where employees and all of their boosters
Find faces most friendly
Chat most liberally
And crow like a bunch of young roosters!

Hint #1: Hm... certainly sounds like a social spot, doesn't it?

Clue for Egg Twenty-Six
With a partner, our egg has taken a stroll
Down through valley and up grassy knoll.

Now on a blanket, basket near to hand,
Our devilish egg is warm and tanned.

It's welcoming here, at this checkered spot
Quite picturesque, with tress and whatnot.

Upon a weedy wine, our greedy egg sups
You could say he's down in his cups.

Hint #1: What prize giver's name does this poem describe?

Clue for Egg Twenty-Seven
farm fresh is key
on the blog literary
partner site to search

Hint #1: There we go talking about partners again! Better check the prize list.


And finally, the hints, locations and resting places of Eggs Twenty-One and Twenty-Two - the Egg Cracking heroes are:

Egg Twenty-One: Elly Parker, at 17.04
Hint #1: What site does the egg like?
Hint #2: What topics do you think he'd gravitate towards?
Hint #3: Do you know how to do a site specific search on Google?
Still stuck? The Egg was hidden in an old MOO blog post!

Egg Twenty-Two: Morgan Levy, at 17.15
Hint #1: This will most likely be a two or three step search process.
Hint #2: First, you'll need to translate something for our hapless narrator.
Hint #3: Then search for the translation.. or just try some URLs with it.
Hint #4: The last two lines give you a hint where to go once you're on the right site.
Still stuck? Yep, this one was really tricky, it was hidden on Mahalo!

pssst - check the last post for a sneaky hint for Egg 24!


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11th Mar, 2008 06:33 (UTC)
i can't find #25. hints please. stuck for the longest time.
5th Apr, 2008 20:38 (UTC)
well done
Amazing page!, dude
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