September 23rd, 2010


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You might've noticed it's been rather quiet around here - both on our side and yours!

So this is just a (sad) little note to say that from now on, we'll only be posting to the blog on our own site, rather than cross-posting to here too.

It's been fun here - and we've loved getting and responding to your comments, but as more of the MOO Crew are posting to the blog, it's getting harder for the team to keep up with everything. It also seems like lots of you are reading our content elsewhere.

I hope you'll come and visit us at, or you can find us in a few other places too:

**Edit! You can get a syndicated feed here: (thank you Salanth)***

the newsletter for product news and special discounts
twitter for the latest updates and MOO chatter
tumblr our scrapbook of creative ideas
Flickr for MOO community photographs

Thanks again for your support over the past few years - and we really do hope to see you elsewhere online.

Take care,
The MOO Crew
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