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Good Morning lovely Egg Hunters, and welcome back to another week of hunting! Didn't we all have a fun week last week? You hunted for eggs here, there are everywhere. We hid eggs online in places like You Tube, Ponoko, Etsy, Timbuk2 and Boing Boing, and in the 'Great Outdoors' in countries including New Zealand, Belgium, France and Japan, and of course in our products, and you found them all. And we've got another busy week ahead of us.

The 'Great Outdoors' Hunt continues throughout this week, so if you didn't get a chance to make it out to hunt for eggs, there's still time. Pop along to our Flickr Egg Hunt Group to find out where eggs are hiding. You can also still get your orders in for MOO products, to see if you find an egg hiding in the envelope when it lands on your doorstep, and of course we have another 5 marvelous days full of clues for eggs hidden online.

So let's not waste time. Here's what you've all been waiting for; more clues...

Clue for Egg Twenty-Three
Not one to blow angelic trumpets,
Our Egg hides quiet in designer huts.

Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, gator.
You'll find him here, sooner or later.

If you're hoisted on your own petard,
Just think of a rhyme for Captain Picard.

Clue for Egg Twenty-Four
The fellow's got no arms to speak of,
Neither has he legs.
He's ovoid and limbless, as you'd expect
From such a darling egg.

So what's he doing over there,
Lurking on that site?
We can't think he belongs with them,
Try as hard as we might.

We hadn't thought he'd feel at home,
Might even be dismayed.
'Cause when pressed for interests,
They said, “It simply must be handmade.”

Hint #1: What partner site features handmade items?


And finally, the hints, locations and resting places of Eggs Nineteen and Twenty (Twenty-One and Twenty-Two to follow this afternoon) - the Egg Cracking heroes are:

Egg Nineteen: Katie Willingham, at 11.04
Hint #1: The first line is a hint about a first name.
Hint #2: The last line is a hint about a last name.
Hint #3: The middle bits should help you find her on out site... and the egg of course.
Still stuck? The Egg was hidden in Daphne Louter's pages, in the MOO Designer section of the site!

Egg Twenty: Zachary Rethorn, at 11.03
Hint #1: Cory blogs on a sight with a springy double onomatopoeia.
Hint #2: You'll need to search the blog's archives.
Hint #3: Two of the keywords are obvious, the third is described by the last two words of the last line.
Still stuck? The Egg was hidden on über blog, Boing Boing!


( 8 comments — Leave a comment )
10th Mar, 2008 11:56 (UTC)
Found 23! :) Though, I doubt I'm the first. :/
10th Mar, 2008 12:11 (UTC)
So if we did win a prize would we know by now? The email after sending in a clue says within three business days you'll know. And I haven't gotten another, so I must keep entering, yes? These keep getting trickier!
10th Mar, 2008 17:30 (UTC)
I'm not sure-- my name was posted friday as the winner for 2 hunts. I got one prize emailed to me immediately, but not the other. I figured some things take 3 days?

I haven't even started on today's eggs yet! Monday morning and the time change is making me slooooooow.

10th Mar, 2008 13:18 (UTC)
found 24, yay!
10th Mar, 2008 13:22 (UTC)
Found both! My fastest record, but I too doubt I'm the first ;o;
10th Mar, 2008 13:42 (UTC)
24 is giving me a head ache.
10th Mar, 2008 19:24 (UTC)
can't figure out 23 but i'm stoked i found 24 :D
11th Mar, 2008 06:36 (UTC)
can't find #24. sheesh. i know the site. just can't find it there.
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