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It's Friday afternoon! That's exciting for two reasons - maybe even three. First up, of course, it's nearly the weekend, and you can't really complain about that... Second, the MOO Great Outdoors Egg Hunt starts tomorrow at 12.01am GMT! Yes, we've hidden Eggs all over the world - little stickers - and they could be hiding in a city near you.

Our team of global friends have hidden eggs everywhere from London to Montreal, Bordeaux to Oaxaca. Not to mention; Tokyo, Paris, Niagra Falls, Toronto, New York, Brighton, Glasgow, BC, Oslo, Barcelona, Brussels, Silicon Valley, Wellington, Oxford, Austin, Konstanz and San Francisco!

Hidden up trees, in bars, stuck to statues, on walls, by rivers, near bridges, at the theatre, crossing roads, out to dinner and at the pub, our eggs really have traveled the world. If we didn't manage to get to a city near you, we're really sorry - but we've tried *really* hard, let me assure you!

All you need to do is head over to the Flickr Egg Hunt Group, and click on the 'Map' link. The pink dots you see are the places Eggs are hidden - and if you scroll through the photos in the strip at the bottom, even more will appear. (Remember the group won't open until the hunt begins at 12.01am tomorrow.)

Click on your nearest location, and a photo will pop up - which, if you zoom right in, will give you a very good idea of where the Egg might be. It'll also give you an additional clue.

What next? Go find the Egg! Take a photo of you and it, and submit it via the form on the Egg Hunt page. Also include the name of its location, which you'll find on each image on the Flickr map. Happy Hunting!

And the third reason to be cheerful that Friday afternoon has arrived? Well, more clues, of course! Please note - we'll announce all the winners of Friday's Eggs on Monday. You've worn us out a bit and we need a weekend off!

Now seeing as you found the last clues *so* easy, how about some pretty tricky clues to keep you going over the weekend...

Clue for Egg Twenty-One
Our Egg, he likes his bunnies.
He also like his books.
On our blog, he's rather keen,
And he's very fond of Halloween.
So it's no wonder he's back in time
Giving an old post a careful look.
And filling his shopping cart with ease.


Clue for Egg Twenty-Two

I Was An Alternate Island
I, found it impossible to stay cool and urbane.
She, knew who I was but did not know my name.
I, touched my lei and said, “Thank you.
She, gazed into my eyes and said, “Malama pono.”
I, not knowing her language, fell silent.
She, not knowing mine, made it the quiet seem poignant.

He, knew her language and could make himself clear.
She, kept an address at a bar on a pier.
He, searched and he found her at home.
She, now that she had him, never more would roam.
He, turned his back on a life as an outlaw.
She, was overjoyed to find her 'Ke Aloha'.

I, watched them as if on a video when I took off in a plane.
They, knew who I was, but didn't know my daily pain.


And finally, the hints, locations and resting places of Eggs Seventeen and Eighteen - the Egg Cracking heroes are:

Egg Seventeen: Karen Kasonic (twice in a row!), at 17.34
Hint #1: Try contacting someone for help
Hint #2: Which of our partners might make 'packs'?
Hint #3: Have you tried searching through the customer service pages?
Still stuck? The Egg was hidden on Egg Hunt Partner, Timbuk2's page!

Egg Eighteen: We have a tie between Katie and Melissa Hoadley, at 17.07
Hint #1: Who? Who?! Who could we be talking about?!
Hint #2: You see her name every time you read the MOO blog.
Hint #3: It's Denise... now you just need to find her personal homepage?
Still stuck? The Egg was hidden on MOO Crew Denise's page.

Have a great weekend everyone!


( 13 comments — Leave a comment )
7th Mar, 2008 17:32 (UTC)
I have a question. I got an email saying that I won(YAY!), and then I got a second one, with the exact info/promo code. Was the second one a duplicate? Or did I win twice?
7th Mar, 2008 17:37 (UTC)
I must win! Must!
7th Mar, 2008 17:58 (UTC)
How would we have found Denise's page? Or did we just need to know what her site was ahead of time?
7th Mar, 2008 18:00 (UTC)
comes up on a google search
7th Mar, 2008 18:02 (UTC)
Hehehe, no wonder I couldn't find it! I was trying to find it via Moo's site. :)
7th Mar, 2008 18:03 (UTC)
Hee. That would be the problem then!
7th Mar, 2008 18:08 (UTC)
21 wasn't too bad at all :)
7th Mar, 2008 18:31 (UTC)
Found both! Now I can get back to work :X

I found #21 a while back, but didn't believe myself and went on searching and wasted my time! Went back and finally found it where I was before... ;o;
7th Mar, 2008 18:32 (UTC)
I meant #22 :Z
7th Mar, 2008 19:33 (UTC)
So, I got an email saying I won (yay!), but when I try to use it, it says I haven't added the discounted item to my cart. I've tried all possible variations, and it still isn't working. Do I just have to wait for a while until things get sorted out, maybe?
7th Mar, 2008 21:23 (UTC)

If you are having problem with a prize, please contact egghunt@moo.com, providing your e-mail address and the details of your prize.

(MOO Crew)
7th Mar, 2008 22:51 (UTC)
boo still no prize, oh well, at least I found three eggs the other day, gotta be happy about that!
8th Mar, 2008 15:15 (UTC)
Aw I was hoping there would be some eggs in The Netherlands!
( 13 comments — Leave a comment )

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