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More MOO clues!

Yes, it's that time again - more clues for the Egg Hunt crews (that's you, incase you were wondering). But first, a very quick update...

You might be interested to know that while a lot of people found the Egg hidden in the FAQ, only two people found the one hidden in the source of the Text MiniCards page... Lots of you seemed to find this morning's clues, and it seems 387,819 have now found and watched the great Cat of 1000 Faces video - even if they aren't too sure what it is they're looking at!

Don't forget MOO Eggs are hidden in with your orders too, so keep your eyes open.

Ok - on with the next clues...

Clue for Egg Twelve
You're out of ideas that are new.
So you browse 'round our site,
Most of the day and the night,
Looking for cool things to do.

You come to a page that's helpful.
If you mouse 'round the photos,
A tiny egg will you expose.
Revealing itself in a manner most gleeful.


Clue for Egg Thirteen
Face it, our fans are the best!
From the east, to the north, to the west.
We could fill a whole book,
With the names that we took
From every cranny and nook
Of a certain remote social nest.


Clue for Egg Fourteen
Our Egg, he likes his French coiffure
And knows just where to get it.

And Moo designers, to be sure,
Deserve a lot of credit.

But which designer would hold the allure,
To inspire our wandering Egg's visit?

Once you know, then head to his shop
Yes, that would be the place to stop.

To find an autumnal wheat-haired waif,
And our doting Egg trailing in her wake.


And finally, the hints, locations and resting places of Eggs Eight and Nine - the Egg Cracking heroes are:

Egg Eight: Karen, at 19.02*
Hint #1: Which of our products would you send as an invite?
Hint #2: We're still watching what you type!
Hint #3: Have you dusted off your thesaurus?
Still stuck? The Egg could be summoned on the Greeting Card page by typing in the word 'poach'!

* Eek! We're really sorry but Little MOO made a mistake when he told us who had won this prize. We thought it was Zachary - but it was actually Karen. Zachary, you are still a winner to us for being so honest, so we're letting you keep the prize. Karen, will also get the prize that is rightfully hers. Little MOO will get a stern telling off, and be made to sit in a corner for the next hour. If he's not careful we won't let him do these extra jobs again!

Egg Nine: Paul Beech, at 17:35
Hint #1: You should know which verb to pay attention to by now!
Hint #2: One of our contest partners is on the 'make'.
Hint #3: I wonder if 552 is a product number somewhere?
Still stuck? The Egg was hidden on Ponoko, as the last image in the scrolling gallery!


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5th Mar, 2008 17:49 (UTC)
Yay found egg 14, but i have yet to find 13...

EDIT: Found 13 and 14 now so its back to the essays...
Thanks for the distraction moo. :)

Edited at 2008-03-05 17:56 (UTC)
5th Mar, 2008 18:41 (UTC)
aww, no problem. Now. Get on with your work!
*cracks whip*

5th Mar, 2008 17:57 (UTC)
Found 13...I know where to look for 14 but alas I am at work and the site is blocked. :(
5th Mar, 2008 17:59 (UTC)
Ha! Finally a couple I was able to find right away. :) (13 & 14)

Most of the others, however? Have eaten my brain. :/
5th Mar, 2008 18:22 (UTC)
Gah, I can't get 14 for anything, and I know I'm looking in the right place! I can get 13 when I get on my home computer. 12 will take some searchin.
5th Mar, 2008 18:36 (UTC)
Yay~ I finally found all of the ones in a post! \o/
5th Mar, 2008 18:39 (UTC)
ooh - eggcellent - well done you!
(no subject) - summertea - 5th Mar, 2008 18:45 (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - moocards - 5th Mar, 2008 19:11 (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - summertea - 5th Mar, 2008 19:12 (UTC) - Expand
5th Mar, 2008 20:32 (UTC)
I found 14! I'm so proud of myself(but probably shouldn't be because I wasted hours doing so).
5th Mar, 2008 20:45 (UTC)
oh man i cant believe i found some on my own today! after realizing i entered 3 expired eggs :/ lol

but one wasn't even via clue - does that mean it was just a random occurrence and ill most likely get a prize? :D lol
5th Mar, 2008 22:17 (UTC)
Found 13 and 14. I know where 12 is, but have to go to bed, so no looking anymore for me!
5th Mar, 2008 22:37 (UTC)
I found 13! yay!

I think I know where to find 14. Still trying!
5th Mar, 2008 22:39 (UTC)
I've gotten three! I got the emails from little Moo and everything saying I was at least entered, yes!
5th Mar, 2008 23:00 (UTC)
Beautiful! I got 14 just now!
see! - moocards - 5th Mar, 2008 23:51 (UTC) - Expand
Re: see! - view_from_here - 5th Mar, 2008 23:52 (UTC) - Expand
5th Mar, 2008 22:44 (UTC)
I feel so discouraged because I'm not getting anything whatsoever. :(
6th Mar, 2008 00:06 (UTC)
Finally...it took a while for them to actually show up. I almost closed the tab on them.
5th Mar, 2008 23:03 (UTC)
I'm feeling bad because I havent found anything yet either! but I do have a clear idea of where 12 could be...
5th Mar, 2008 23:08 (UTC)
stratch that found an egg.
5th Mar, 2008 23:37 (UTC)
I havent found any eggs, I feel so BAD.. And DUMB!
5th Mar, 2008 23:53 (UTC)
ha, if it helps, i sit opposite two of the MOO Crew who don't know where the clues are and try and guess them as I put them on the site. One of them is amazing and seems to work everything out, and the other just sits there looking a bit bemused, and saying 'Unnh?!'

Personally, I'm in the latter camp too :)
6th Mar, 2008 00:03 (UTC)
Dude, I was totally the 2nd person to find the one on the text minicards page... I'll have to be faster!
6th Mar, 2008 00:42 (UTC)
I think ive found the 12th egg by accident! XD
6th Mar, 2008 01:10 (UTC)
I just found #12, no luck on the others yet though :(
6th Mar, 2008 01:27 (UTC)
I know what website 13 and 14 are on, but no luck getting father than that, oh well back to work
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