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Here we go with the next clues for MOO's Egg Hunt! I have to admit, we are really impressed with how fast some of you are getting these. You seem to be racing through them - even the people who aren't getting every last bit of the clues are doing ridiculously well.

If you haven't got every Egg so far, please don't worry - there are loads more clues and loads more prizes. If you can't answer these, the chances are there will be another clue along soon, to light up that magic bulb inside your clue-solving brain.

One of our fantastic behind-the-Egg-scenes crew, Alicia, said to mention that we can only accept the Egg-Codes for Eggs that are live right now. So, if you stumble across an Egg somewhere which hasn't had it's clue released, it's not valid. You have to wait for the clue to be given -lucky guesses don't count! (And aside from anything else, you'll wear Alicia out, and she's a bit too useful to get rid of just yet!)

Here's this afternoons clues:

Clue for Egg Eight
If your eggs are not boiled, but simmered.
And you've stolen a pheasant for dinner.

Now find a card to send to your friends
As an invite so your party they may attend

Then simply type in the apropos verb
And the egg will appear, most superb!

Hint #1: Which of our products would you send as an invite?

Clue for Egg Nine
The beat poets were ver' fond of rhythm
But but made rhyme schemes
dependant on nothin'
Free rap of a sort
with a mashable tack
The metaphors were acrylic
an' quite monolithic
So we're always searching for the
five, five and two

Hint #1: One of our contest partners is on the ‘make’.


And finally, the winners of Eggs Three, Four and Five! We’ve also given you all the hints we have as to how to find the egg, and the place where it was found.

The second three Egg Cracking Heroes are:

Egg three: Chris Mackenzie, 17:12
Hint #1: You may have already seen this egg somewhere!
Hint #2: The egg is in the mail.
Hint #3: Have you subscribed to our newsletter?
Still stuck? The Egg was in footer, at the bottom of the last issue of the newsletter!

Egg Four: Doris, 11:00
Hint #1: What product do we offer that has 'text' in the name?
Hint #2: What sort of hat is traditional in the spring?
Hint #3: You might want to view the page source!
Still stuck? The Egg was hidden in the source code on the Text MiniCards page!

Egg Five: Jodee Rose, 20:28
Hint #1: You may need to search a popular social media site.
Hint #2: Try searching on YouTube!
Still stuck? The Egg was at the end of this great video by Jonathan Howells.


Happy hunting!


( 9 comments — Leave a comment )
4th Mar, 2008 17:38 (UTC)
Holy Crap... whee! I can't believe I actually won something. hehe!
4th Mar, 2008 18:31 (UTC)
aww - it's you? Congrats!
5th Mar, 2008 02:20 (UTC)
no way. weren't you on artattack.to way back when????

(p.s. congrats on your win!)
5th Mar, 2008 02:49 (UTC)
Yup, that was me. Hi there. =)
4th Mar, 2008 17:46 (UTC)
Where/when do the hints appear?
4th Mar, 2008 18:33 (UTC)
We'll add clues before the egg 'goes bad' if it looks like people are really stuck. When we add them, we'll edit the posts and put them right under the clues themselves.
4th Mar, 2008 17:54 (UTC)
I thought for sure I knew where to find number eight...and I couldn't find it! And then when I thought for sure I knew where to find number nine, I couldn't seem to find it...but I did. :D I'm so proud of myself! Keep the clues coming, MOO, I love this.
4th Mar, 2008 18:32 (UTC)
yay! Eggcellent! People really are doing well at this. I can't work them out for the life of me - but I'm loving watching people's brains ticking.
5th Mar, 2008 07:43 (UTC)
See above.
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