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Next clues for the MOO Egg Hunt!

These are the clues for the next three eggs, hidden as part of the MOO Egg Hunt. We'll be posting up to 5 clues every day - each individual clue leading to a different egg. Two clues will be posted in the morning (GMT) and two in the afternoon (GMT)

To find the Eggs as part of the hunt, you need to figure out our cryptic clues. Each egg, hidden as part of our online hunt, will have a little code with it. When you find the egg, you'll need to take a note of the code, and where you found it, and enter it into the form on the Egg Hunt page. For more information on how to play check out the T&Cs and the FAQs

Clue for Egg Three
This egg, you'll find, has come to you,
In a flash, to share what's in our store.
It's all the MOOs that's fit to print
And not one item more.


Clue for Egg Four
Go carefully a-calling for this egg,
But with words and not with your graphics.
You'll find him in his springtime hat,
Hiding his MOOs with the most cryptic tactics.

HINT #1: What product do MOO offer that has ‘Text’ in the name?


Clue for Egg Five
1,000 Faces had this cat,
Tubular eggs had he but one.
You'll search out the faces elsewhere,
And find the egg when the episode's done.

HINT #1: You may need to search a popular social media site.
(Please note - we had a few problems with this working last night, but it is fixed now. If you *think* you got it, but then it wasn’t there - please try again. Huge apologies for the problem - it was beyond our control - which is very annoying).


Everyone at MOO has been so impressed with your Egg Hunting so far! We were sitting here, hints and tips at the ready, and lo and behold, no help was needed.

We'll let you know the first to find today's eggs in tomorrow morning's blog post. If it wasn't you - don't worry, we'll also be choosing 9 other prize winners from the correct entries at random, so there's plenty of chances to win for every egg!

And if you are finding these clues hard, don't fret. We've got a real mix of clues, and you can enter up to five times in the next 10 working days.

Happy hunting!



( 20 comments — Leave a comment )
3rd Mar, 2008 17:19 (UTC)
These ones are way harder than the first two!
3rd Mar, 2008 17:21 (UTC)
It's amazing watching people's minds work though - I thought clue 1 was the easiest, but lots of people got 2 and not 1. You never can tell :)
3rd Mar, 2008 17:22 (UTC)
I got both but I can see how people might have thought #1 wasn't right when they found it. :D

Still puzzling these out...
3rd Mar, 2008 17:39 (UTC)
Oh hey, since I've just read the part about being limited to 5 entries, I have a question. I typoed when I entered the code for one of the ones I found this morning (I think #1) and so I entered it again on the form... will that typoed egg count as one of my entries?

3rd Mar, 2008 17:43 (UTC)
no, I think you should be ok. (It's complicated, but you should be ok with that)

edit- pfft-just properly looked at your user icon and it made me LOL!

Edited at 2008-03-03 17:44 (UTC)
3rd Mar, 2008 17:44 (UTC)
awesome, great to know! ^_^ I will look forward to more clues.

*re edit: hee, I feel like that a lot lately!

Edited at 2008-03-03 17:45 (UTC)
3rd Mar, 2008 17:28 (UTC)
Wow. These are definitely a lot harder. I've tried several different things so far, but I'm not giving up yet!
3rd Mar, 2008 19:02 (UTC)
er...Yep. I give!
3rd Mar, 2008 17:57 (UTC)
man i'm excited but i feel dumb b/c i'm stumped on these, i barely got #1 this morning (i wasn't sure it could be that easy!) and i do not have #2
3rd Mar, 2008 18:00 (UTC)
i know the feeling - BUT you got the first one, and that had a lot of people stumped :)
3rd Mar, 2008 18:44 (UTC)
Okay, I got #1 and #2 but, have spent over 30 minute figuring out these and cannot get it. I knew those first two were flukes!
3rd Mar, 2008 18:47 (UTC)
These eggs have scrambled my brain, unlike their earlier siblings.
3rd Mar, 2008 18:50 (UTC)
Dang, I totally can't figure these out!
3rd Mar, 2008 20:20 (UTC)
glad I'm not the only one!
3rd Mar, 2008 21:49 (UTC)
I followed the logic of how I found clue #2 to find #5, but I just cannot figure it out.

Wasn't there a note that if we seemed really stumped you might give us a clue....
3rd Mar, 2008 23:57 (UTC)
I think there was a bit of trouble with #5 earlier - try again using the same logic, just incase. If you've got it right, it should work now.
(sorry about that)
3rd Mar, 2008 23:11 (UTC)
This is driving me crazy! I swear I spent ALL day on these. I love a good puzzle :)
4th Mar, 2008 10:10 (UTC)
We've added a couple of hints now! If it doesn't help, we'll add more later :)
4th Mar, 2008 12:55 (UTC)
I know what a "springtime hat" and the "text" part but can't figure out how to fit the two together. :T I've tried 'making' cards, but no luck. Q_Q
4th Mar, 2008 13:12 (UTC)
have a look around and see if you can get to the source of the problem... as it were...
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