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MOO's having an Egg Hunt!

(Warning - will contain fun, clues and prizes.)

We are *most* excited at MOO Towers. Monday 3rd March is the launch of our MOO Egg Hunt and we are busy working with a wonderful man called Corvus - an awesome clue writer.

He's had us scratching our heads, pooling our resources, searching the internet and wracking our brains, as we try and crack his clues. (And umm - we're the people that know where the eggs are.) The clues are cryptic and fun - the kind that are mind-bogglingly complicated on the one hand, but oh-so obvious when you've worked it all out.

The Egg Hunt is going to be great fun - and more than that, there are over 3,500 prizes involved! We've got goodies from Blurb, Flickr, Ponoko, Picnik, Styleshake and Timbuk2.

There's also a a Grand Prize Draw, where you could win the Ultimate Egg Basket, worth $1000! It's packed full of goodies including a digital SLR, an iPod Nano and a handcrafted bunny - made by Kim, MOO's very own in-house bunny crafter.

Every day we'll be adding new clues in the Main Moo Blog. Eggs are hidden online (all over the place, not just on MOO), in MOO products and even in the Great Outdoors. Ho yes! We've got a little team of Egg-Hiders in different cities all over the world and they've been busy squirrelling away eggs for the last few weeks.

The first person to find each egg will win a prize - and 9 other winners for each egg will be chosen at random. There's loads of eggs and there's loads of prizes. Find out more details on the Egg hunt page, the Egg Hunt FAQs and the Rules.

Have a great weekend everyone - get your thinking caps on!


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29th Feb, 2008 16:57 (UTC)
oh man, i was so excited of hearing a digital slr was one of the prizes that i started hunting all over the website - and then i realized it didn't start until the 3rd :X
29th Feb, 2008 17:33 (UTC)
heh. I'm glad I saw this - I had started hunting, too!
29th Feb, 2008 18:06 (UTC)
oh no! so sorry - just wanted to make sure people were ready for monday :)

Really, it should be good fun. The clues are amazing and there are *so* many prizes, even if you don't win the Grand Prize.
29th Feb, 2008 18:21 (UTC)
Are people outside the UK eligible for prizes?
29th Feb, 2008 18:32 (UTC)
yep, it doesn't matter what country you're in.
29th Feb, 2008 21:33 (UTC)
Oo, I'm looking forward to this! It sounds fun. ♥
29th Feb, 2008 22:01 (UTC)
I nearly started hunting too! but then realized I was two days too early lmao, bookmarked and getting dective gear on!
1st Mar, 2008 00:27 (UTC)
Will the hints also be in the LJ blog, or only the main blog? If they won't be in the LJ blog, you might want to direct LJ users towards moo_feed so they can easily access the clues.
3rd Mar, 2008 11:16 (UTC)
Hello - I will cross post actually, so we should be ok.
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