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How to make friends and wave at people

One of the cool things about MOO products is that you can hand them to new people to introduce yourself, and you have the immediate potential of making new friends. Making new friends is nice. New friends make you smile - sometimes they even make you laugh. (Occasionally they send you sweets... not that I'm hinting or anything.)

For quite some time we in the MOO office have wondered exactly who it is that works over the road from us. Their office kind of looks into ours, and we can see enough of theirs to know they have a huge map on the wall. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just reach over, hand them a MiniCard and say 'Hi! We're MOO, how do you do?' As it happens, it's not that easy, we're one story up, and the other side of a busy road. Reaching over and saying 'hi' will likely result in several broken limbs, possibly DEATH. We're a friendly bunch, but even we have our limits.

Luckily, an odd chain of events came to our rescue:

We have a little 'yay' sticker, stuck to the sign outside our office. It looks a bit like this:

If you look at that photo in detail, you'll see it's been fandalised (a word I've totally stolen from MiniCard 'leaver' Simon Dee). The person responsible? A one Kai Chan Vong, himself a maker of MiniCards.

Well, the above photo was spotted by Malinki, a MiniCard Trader, MOO Sticker maker and all round creative swapper. Malinki had been for a job interview in the very office opposite ours, and spotted the sticker outside our office as she walked past. Better still, she got the job!

A flurry of emails later, and we arranged a little window waving session, which sadly the MOO team managed to miss. The only answer was a TOP SECRET MOO signal. A smilie face made of Post-its:

Luckily, Malinki and her new employers - now our new best friends - responded in kind (actually theirs was a bit more creative than ours but we wont talk about that now).

So we have at last made some new friends, and we very much hope they're looking after their latest employee.

(There was actually a follow-up note, from Stef, our CTO - sadly, while they did have cake, it wasn't enough for us. All we can say is, buy more next time, and we might think about letting Stef out of the cupboard.)


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26th Feb, 2008 17:40 (UTC)
You have far too much fun at work.
26th Feb, 2008 20:35 (UTC)
we do, but actually I've been so busy today i thought my head might explode :)
26th Feb, 2008 18:40 (UTC)
You're offering to send US sweets? Ok!
26th Feb, 2008 23:33 (UTC)
I think moo must be the coolest place to work! :D
27th Feb, 2008 11:02 (UTC)
Maybe these days but, back in the day it was h2g2.com before they were assimilated by the Borg BBC...

Edited at 2008-02-27 11:02 (UTC)
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