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The arrival of a pack of MiniCards means different things to different people. For some, they're new business cards to put in your pocket or bag. You whip them out when you need them, to remind people who you are and how to find you. These are a nice example, by twofivethreetwo:

For others, it's a Valentine gift, like these. by The Warrior Design

or a wedding favour, like these, by Roger. (Who's just started working at MOO! Welcome!)

Cris Rose uses them as a Mini-portfolio, for his custom toy designs...

And many other people use them as tags or thank-you notes to put in with their Etsy Sales. These are by {sweeter than me}. (She made them in photoshop - and if you're going to to the same, don't forget we have templates you can use to make sure the size is right!)

And those are just ideas we've seen added to the Flickr pool in the last few weeks.

But you know what? There's *something else* going on too. There's the lovers n' leavers. The people who get a pack of MiniCards, and then leave them... EVERYWHERE!

Championed by EPMD, actually seen himself, in this rare shot, the lovers n' leavers, hide MiniCards in places you wouldn't expect.

macwagen has left his cards everywhere from grocery stores...

to bathrooms.

While Simon Dee has been leaving his 'Flash Photography' cards all over the new H&M store in London...

cthopper93 has stayed in a few hotels, and left a card behind each time:

While SL Galvin started this little project with Text MiniCards a little while back.

So the question seems to be, where will you leave yours?

If it's going to be SXSW - don't forget to make your cards now! It's only a few weeks away, so get your orders in now.


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16th Feb, 2008 14:32 (UTC)
You're coming to SXSW? I am curious since I live in Austin.
16th Feb, 2008 18:16 (UTC)
hello! Yes, a few of us are coming over for SXSW interactive. We came last year too, and had a great time - met a lot of nice people, and saw some good presentations.
(Deleted comment)
18th Feb, 2008 18:02 (UTC)
Aww. I fear we'd be a huge disappointment in real life :)
(Aside from our model-like good looks, obviously)
16th Feb, 2008 16:22 (UTC)
That's a great idea ^_^ I was thinking of leaving mine in random library books :]
16th Feb, 2008 16:40 (UTC)
I leave mine (which take people here: Buy my art) on buses and subways. It's kind of cool when I get on an empty train, drop 'em off, wait a few stops, then watch someone pick one up to see what it is. :-P
16th Feb, 2008 16:57 (UTC)
Yay, Roger!
18th Feb, 2008 18:03 (UTC)
he bakes! He bought in banana-bread today. A man who knows the way to MOO's heart. (Via our collective tummys)
19th Feb, 2008 02:31 (UTC)
I give them out as bookmarks to anyone who purchases a copy of my latest book! :)

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