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MOO customers are people of many talents. Today, we salute those with aching legs, steely reserve, and warm clothing. Yes, we're talking about the people in training for The London Marathon. (You need steely reserve and warm clothing to train in the not-so-sunny British weather. It's freezing out there.)

The London Marathon raises millions of pounds for charity every year. Runners are actively encouraged to run in support of a charity, which really means getting people to sponsor you by any means necessary. Just Giving have taken a lot of the hassle out of this for people in the UK in recent years, by providing a simple way to enable friends to sponsor you online. You get a unique url, send it to everyone you know, and they can donate online whenever they're ready. No scruffy sponsorship forms - and no chance of sticking it in the washing machine in the back pocket of your jeans by accident.

Once you've got your Just Giving page though, how on earth do you get people to remember your url? Well, we spotted these cards by Marathon runner-to-be, Francis Storr:

And it seems we're not the only one who spotted them - look - here they are at the 2008 London Marathon Golden Bond Training Day!

If you fancy sponsoring Francis, head over to his Just Giving page - he's also made some lovely little cards which he sends out as a thank you.

We were also sent this photo by Brighton running duo, Emma and Zoe. Emma, a designer, made full use of the Text MiniCards, by making a set featuring the different emotions and expressions they'll be going through on the day itself. With so many different cards, she can let people choose the one they like best, and demand sponsorship in payment!

As this duo are both Marathon newbies, they've been keeping a weekly blog of their training, and the MiniCards have come in handy as a banner across the top of the page too. If you'd like to sponsor Emma and Zoe, head over to their Just giving page.

There are of course other things you can make to encourage people to sponsor you - no matter what type of event you're doing. We've made a little page with a few ideas, incase you're looking for inspiration.

But whatever you do, good luck! And if you're training for the London Marathon, drop us a little hello in the comments, we'd love to know how you're getting on. We're right behind you all the way, quite literally.

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