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Who do you love?

Anyone? No one? Someone... but you haven't told them yet? Shockingly, if you want to make a really personal Valentines card or present this year, you need to start thinking about this now. How do I know? Well, because people are already blogging about it. And, lets face it, it takes time to think of what you want to make, get something printed and then to work your own special magic on it.

We're busy working on a few ideas of our own, and will share them with you over the next few weeks. In the meantime,here's an idea to get you started - look at this, by Steve O:

It's 100 MiniCards, carefully mounted into a shadow box frame. Some of the cards are mounted on a little foam board to give a feeling of depth, and some extra interest. Steve worked out the layout before he made the cards, to ensure he had the correct number of portrait and landscape images. He then drew the layout in illustrator, printed it off and used transfer paper to trace the layout onto the foam board.

Sadly you can't actually see the images in situ, but trust me - it looks great - and you should read the comments - for example "This gets the "thoughtful husband award"...award!"

So if you have any pictures of you and your Valentine-to-be together, maybe now is the time to start thinking about how to use them.

If you've got any good ideas of things you can make for Valentines Day, let us know in the comments - we love hearing about your ideas.


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8th Jan, 2008 11:29 (UTC)
You know, moocards, I hate to bug you, but I never got my cards. :(
8th Jan, 2008 14:11 (UTC)
Maybe you should contact them on the website:

8th Jan, 2008 20:11 (UTC)
Sorry to hear that - do contact customer service, as Angeldemon said, and they should be able to help:
9th Jan, 2008 06:31 (UTC)
I wasn't informed if I could get them, so ditto. >_>0

But I really, REALLY would love to undertake a Valentine's project. ;~; Come on, my SO's half a world a way... please?
8th Jan, 2008 14:03 (UTC)
That's so sweet...
8th Jan, 2008 14:04 (UTC)
I love the shadow box idea...wonderful.
9th Jan, 2008 03:10 (UTC)
how does it make a difference compared to a normal frame anyway?
9th Jan, 2008 13:54 (UTC)
One photo is elevated while the other is flat against the back. It creates depth and interest when looking at the photos.
8th Jan, 2008 15:03 (UTC)
Really nice. :)
8th Jan, 2008 18:07 (UTC)
...and... how much would this shadow box run the general public?
9th Jan, 2008 07:35 (UTC)
A shadow box frame can range from about $15 and up, depending on the size and quality, but they start fairly cheap, like most picture frames do. I was looking at a fairly large (12x16) frame, and it was around $30.
9th Jan, 2008 16:58 (UTC)
OH! That sounds like something I'd like to do! can you point me in the correct direction to start a project like this? I'm a bit clueless - damn original blonds! ;-)
9th Jan, 2008 17:02 (UTC)
You could check a craft store like Michael's for the shadow box and the foam board (for the depth to the pictures, if you wanted to add that), or look at just about any store like Target or Wal-Mart, or look on amazon.com and see what they've got... that would be a good place to start.

I think the idea's a great one; I'm copying it myself for an anniversary gift!
10th Jan, 2008 10:03 (UTC)
There's an article here that might help too - it's just a flat frame, rather than the deeper shadowbox one, and all the cards are mounted directly onto the flat surface:

hope that helps :)
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