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Doing something different

Happy New Year! If you're looking for a new hobby to start 2008, or something to get your creative juices flowing, you could do a lot worse than check out the MOO Flickr pool. And I'm not just talking about making MiniCards, I'm talking about all the great pictures people put on the cards. There's a wealth of creativity and extraordinary hobbies and pastimes out there - these are a few we've spotted.

Henna Bee uses her cards to show off the amazing henna tattoos she creates.

If this idea appeals, check out more of her photos, she's created some beautiful designs.

If you fancy something more permanent, how about chainmail? We came across these photos simply because there's a little MOO Sticker on the laptop - but look! trvance is creating a tiny chainmail bag piece by piece. Check out the 'chainmaille set', beautiful photos and some lovely work.

This is the work in progress (complete with MOO sticker.)

And here's another of his beautiful pieces:

If you wanted to make something to wear, but don't have the strength for chainmail, maybe beaded jewellery is more your thing? These lovely cards were created by blamedstarlie, and feature her own work.

This one might need a bit more kit to take up - but c-urchin's stone, ceramic and glassware is really inspiring.

These are her MiniCards

And here's a closer look at one of her pieces.

And finally, not so much of a hobby, but certainly something to pass a few minutes... emelynilsson models her cards, like a true professional.

Happy 2008, everyone!


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3rd Jan, 2008 16:17 (UTC)
Thanks for featuring my Moo cards!! I feel so honored to be right between two wonderful jewelry artists. Thankyou!
4th Jan, 2008 10:36 (UTC)
Well... Thank you for making such nice cards, for us to feature - they're lovely!
3rd Jan, 2008 22:52 (UTC)
Wow! What an inspiring bunch, would love to see more of this.
4th Jan, 2008 10:38 (UTC)
Thank you - me too actually! I shall endeavor to find more.
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