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Friday photo niceness

Time for a round up of some of the great MOO photography we've spotted out there recently. A relaxing little read for a Friday afternoon...

Look at these lovely designs for Stickers, by shutterblog! Nice subtle colours and strong graphics make for great Stickers to be used on envelopes and gift bags.

piktorama* is a MOO designer, and these are some of the lovely Postcards she's made, using her own designs.

Gumby and Pokey are old MOO friends (scroll!), and look - they like Stickers too! This photo was taken by horizontal.integration

Do you ever wish computer commands would hop off the computer and into your real life? Well, Flickr faves have just lept off screen and onto MiniCards, aided and abetted by nataliej. She's even set up a group to go with them, so have a little read, to find out more. (Personally, real life 'Control Z' is what I need...)

Ella Pedersen has made a MOO memory game. This is an idea we blogged about a long time ago, and then mentioned in our email newsetter. Easy to make, and a great little personalised gift.

Meta MOO - this is great, by splityarn although it almost made my head pop... You need to see a larger version to get the full effect.

And finally, if we don't get a chance to say so on the day... HAPPY CHRISTMAS! We hope you have a great day, whatever it is you get up to. Here's a few of the MOO crew, to wish you well.

(Or at least I think that's what they're doing... Although now I come to think about it, I think someone had just offered them a drink.)

Happy Holidays everyone!


3rd Jan, 2008 16:16 (UTC)
Thank you for the free MOO stickers and for the feature in the article above!! I am so honored to be recognized along with C-Urchin and trvance, their work is amazing.

I used all my sticker at Christmas and 3 even ended up on the computer monitor for a little cheerful decoration. The kids loved them!!


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