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This is important! If you want to get your orders in time for Christmas please check out the Shipping dates. If you can't face doing that - I know, it's Friday, every click hurts - here's the basic facts:

To ensure receipt of your items by 24th December these are the dates you need to remember:

If you are in the UK then you must place your order by;
Sunday 16th December

If you are in Western Europe you must place your order by;
Wednesday 13th December
(StickerBooks should be ordered by 7th December OR if you choose express shipping, by midnight GMT, 12th December )

If you are in USA, Japan, Canada or Eastern Europe you must place your order by;
Sunday 9th December
(StickerBooks should be ordered by 7th December OR if you choose express shipping, by midnight GMT, 12th December )

If you are anywhere else you must place your order by;
Friday 7th December

Express options are given on the shipping payment page, so if you're in a hurry do check that out. (If you're you're bored of shopping already, go gift certificate, give yourself a stress free Christmas!)


So, now that's all over, some fun stuff! Whist having a little mooch around one of the many MOO Flickr Pools I came across this nice picture of a lovely wrapped package, by LadyFort

It's an Etsy order she's sending out to a customer. The next picture is even more interesting - she says, "Because I just can't bear to use Sellotape when everything else looks so scrumptious. So instead I use Moo stickers - these are Lara Cameron's from the Moo designer's range.

It's a nice idea - looks great, and also gets over the problem of never being able to find the Sellotape when you need it.

Using MiniCards is a popular idea for gift tags this year. How could you not be excited to receive presents like these!

Pretty in pink, wrapped by jek in the box

Smooth and sophisticated, wrapped by Black Dog Designs

Grace and favour, by William Spaetzel - these are actually wedding favours, but you could do something similar as a party favour, or stocking filler. (Extremely belated congratulations to the happy couple!)

Smart as a button! Wrapped by crazycatladymel. (Such a neat idea)

'Scrap bags'? I think not! Beautiful fabric bags, again, by jek in the box

And if you're making tags yourself, these are really lovely, by Yarnissima - who I've mentioned before - she really knows how to wrap!

If you've got loads of presents to give out though, and you need something a little more obvious to identify what should go where, Text MiniCards are the key. And even better? They're multi-purpose! You can use them for more than just gift tags.

But you know what? However you do it, make sure you have some fun along the way.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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7th Dec, 2007 19:36 (UTC)
I swear I am NOT looking in the right places for wrapping paper -- everything shown here blows what I've seen outta the water!
8th Dec, 2007 08:43 (UTC)
Borders (the bookstore) has a great line of wrapping paper. My favorite wrapping paper is at Ikea. Every year they come out with tons of new designs as well as ribbons and bows that can be mixed and matched with each kind. If you have an Ikea near you, this is your best bet for great paper. And if you want a very high-class and unique paper for a particular present, or if you have a lot of money to spend, most art stores have single sheets of handmade and/or special print wrapping paper.

My favorite part of and gift-giving holiday is wrapping presents, so great wrapping paper is very important to me. I hope this helps! In fact, let me know if any of these work out for you!
9th Dec, 2007 07:42 (UTC)
Totally random comment - my moo mini cards got their first workout at a conference I just attended. They were looked on very favourably by the older academics (something about being different and unusual).
10th Dec, 2007 10:21 (UTC)
ooh - that's good news! Thanks for letting us know.
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