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Retro Rhinestone Moo

Quite a lot of the MOO Crew here in London grew up in the 1980s. We've managed to get over legwarmers, ra-ra skirts and Flock of Seagulls hairdos,* but we got really nostalgic after we received an email about the Rubik's Cube this week.

My picture cube

Isn't that just totally rad? ... Bueller? ... Anyone?

Matt has made his very own custom Rubik's Cube, using a special self assembly kit and a MOO StickerBook! Not only did he send us pictures of the finished article, but he also sent us a link to video of how to put your own custom Rubik's Cube together.

It's nice to see stickers being stuck on to a Rubik's cube, rather than peeled off to (ahem) 'solve' it more easily. Perhaps it was just me who was a terrible cheat?

We love personalizing things here at MOO - it's what MOO is all about, after all. Some prototypes of our new plastic holders arrived last week, and Rui and Lisa decided that what they really needed was some personalized bling - so we set about them with special sticky Japanese rhinestones.

Big Richard sticks it down...
Richard sticking on Rhinestones

Lisa and Joy's collaborative effort...
Lisa and Joy Customising MiniCard Holders

The finished holder...
MiniCard Holder with added Bling

The non-bedazzled version of the holders will be available from MOO soon (although they might be slightly different from the ones in the pictures here - we're still perfecting them).

If you're waiting for your choice of colour for our regular holders, there's good news. The ladies at Supernana in Belgium have been really busy, and have sent us a new delivery of fluffy holders, so all ten colours are back in stock. We still have pink, hot pink and aqua leather Cobu holders, and more in all colours are on the way.

As we're looking at YouTube, I should also tell you about jocksspedos' brilliant stop-motion animation of unboxing his Moo Cards.

You won't get the Banana Split Song out of your head for the rest of the day, be warned!


*Well, maybe not Dan B, but he looks so cute coding in footless tights and deely boppers that we'll let it pass.


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26th Nov, 2007 16:21 (UTC)
I have to say, quite neat!

Hooch ;)
26th Nov, 2007 18:40 (UTC)
I'm an inveterate link-clicker, so out of curiosity I checked out the fluffy holder link-- all 10 colors may be available, but 3 of the colors are still disabled on your order 'form' and can't be ordered.
30th Nov, 2007 13:29 (UTC)
Oh, thanks for letting us know, entropy_house, I'll look in to that now.
26th Nov, 2007 18:47 (UTC)
You guys make me wish i had more money at the moment.
26th Nov, 2007 20:39 (UTC)
That's so cool! You guys are all awesome.
26th Nov, 2007 20:48 (UTC)
Great stuff!
26th Nov, 2007 22:23 (UTC)
The first time I read the word 'quintillion' was in an article about the Rubik's cube. I try and use the word 'quintillion' wherever possible now

Edited at 2007-11-26 22:23 (UTC)
26th Nov, 2007 23:41 (UTC)
I just got my order of 100 MOO cards. I love them! Everybody comments on how cute they are, and on how well-made they are too.
27th Nov, 2007 00:01 (UTC)
I'm sooo waiting for official Moo card holders!! Hehehe.
30th Nov, 2007 00:12 (UTC)
Quick suggestion (that's probably been suggested before) -- wouldn't photo albums with MiniCard-sized sleeves would be a cute idea?
3rd Dec, 2007 14:54 (UTC)
It's a great idea - so good, that someone on Etsy has already started selling them :)

have a look, they're really cute.
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