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New friends in far away places

As you might know, the MOO crew are an active bunch online. A lot of us have our own blogs or little side projects, and all of us have our photos on photosharing sites, like Flickr. We're also interested in where the web is going, and what might happen in the future - which is why Kim, one of our product managers, happened to go to the iCommons Summit in Dubrovnik, a little while ago.

Despite the fact it was classed as a 'holiday' from work, when Kim met Chiaki she couldn't help but talk about MOO. Chiaki is the CEO for Loftwork, one of the biggest creative networks in Japan. Loftwork provides a community and support for over 8500 illustrators, and helps young designers to protect their work using Creative Commons licensing.

Lots of long conversations later, we're happy to be able to say some of these young artists are now making their work available via the designers section on MOO.

Have a browse around the site, because the content is getting bigger by the day. We've introduced a search option to help you find the kind of images you might like, but here's a few of the Loftwork illustrations to whet your appetite.

'Sweet Dessert', by Feebee

'A kitten and a ball', by the very cute Mina Kawai

'Yokogao' by Kosuke Ikeda

Do take time to browse around though - because Kim has been working overtime! There's lots of other new designers we're working with too - from the gentle drawings of Andrea Joseph...

...to the colourful chaos of Colin Johnson

...to the madness of Adam 'Apelad' Koford. What more can I say?



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16th Nov, 2007 16:12 (UTC)
Awesome prints! I just ordered a pack of postcards by FeeBee!
16th Nov, 2007 18:23 (UTC)
yay! They're great aren't they? She has a book out too
18th Nov, 2007 05:24 (UTC)
If you're interested about the future of the web, you really should check out what Culture Technologies is planning. It's pretty damn cool. The website is http://www.culture-technologies.com
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