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Making Holiday Cards with MOO

Or - as I like to call it: The Drop-Box Shop Shock! Actually, there is no shock, but it sounds better that way, especially if you say it quickly.

As you know, we have some great content on MOO from a variety of different designers. If you're looking to make some holiday cards this year and illustration is your thing, you should take some time to browse around. Shop by adding images you like to your drop box and you can review them later when you come to crop or personalise you cards. (The cool bit that makes them *really* yours)

The great thing about making a pack of cards like this is that if you know someone who really loves, say, patterns and textiles, you could make a card just for them. On the other hand, if you know someone who's a bit more of a cynic, you could choose something like this. There are some lovely cards for our younger friends, and even things for the awkward and occasionally unfestive teenage boy or girl you know and love.

Hopefully, by the time you've finished, you'll have a perfect pack, where every card fits the person who's going to receive it. People will marvel at your good taste and you wont be left with a few dodgy cards that always seem to appear in every shop bought pack.

And while we're on a Holiday Card subject, there are still more great entries into the Holiday Card Competition! You can make cards with these right now - and MOO will give money to Médecins Sans Frontières for every pack sold. These are a few of the nice entries we've spotted recently.

Beautiful colours, by MeganJane

Perfect seasonal sparkle, by charmeddigitalchick

Reflecting on Christmas past by jelens

Someone you might recognise? By potatomamma

And for everyone who joins me in that 'Friday feeling', a little pick me up! By sjmaeff

Have a good weekend!

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