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Do you like black, orange or red? Know someone who does? Well if you're thinking of buying a leather MiniCard holder for yourself, or as a gift, it might be a good plan to get it right now. Cobu, who make the holders were only able to send us a limited number of each colour, and we've just found out they wont be able to send us more until after Christmas. It seems that these three colours are really popular, so if you'd like one, get it while you can.

If you're not sure about the other colours, here's what our lovely intern, Rui has to say...


I'm using both leather and felt holders (priviledged as a MOO staff!), and like it very much. Leather holder is really gorgeous. Mine is pale pink, and I love soft pastel color, the smooth touch of leather, a Cobu mark on the back and a cool Cobu rabbit on the wrapping box! The felt one is also very cute. Variation of bright colours reminds me of a crayon box. I like the fluffy touch of thick felt. It's actually slim and convinient!


Here's a pale blue leather holder - you can see the Cobu rabbit, Rui mentions on the outer box.

This is the full range of felt holders

I'd also like to tell you about a new case we should have in a few weeks. I said 'like to' because I would, but I'm not allowed. Rest assured as soon as they've taken the thumbscrews off, and I can type properly again, I'll give you more details.

In other news, we've seen some great swing tags and promotional cards being made from MiniCards, by the crafters and creative types out there. These are a few of our favourites.

Handmade earrings, tied to a MiniCard, with ribbon. Design and jewellery by Kutuu Jewellery

Beautiful, bright promotional cards, by Flapi

Lovely yarn packages, with a MOO swing tag, by Yarnissima


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7th Nov, 2007 13:59 (UTC)
i can wait until after Christmas for the holders, but THANK GOD you have finally made them. The box the moocards come in is sturdy and holding up very well int ebottome of my art bag, but i've been sticking a few for giveaways in my purse and, unprotected, they don't fare so well.
7th Nov, 2007 14:04 (UTC)
Loving your icon! I have done nanowrimo the last three years, unfortunately I cannot participate this year however. Boo.
7th Nov, 2007 16:22 (UTC)
You reminded me that it's time to break out that icon for myself again! :D
7th Nov, 2007 23:54 (UTC)
Your icon ROCKS! I-I just had to say that.

Any chance I could use it? It is made of so much win.
8th Nov, 2007 02:34 (UTC)
Have all sorts of fun with it. This year i'm offering an ageless one, so you don't have to keep looking for the new one annually.
8th Nov, 2007 12:30 (UTC)
yes,been a long time coming, I know! There's one more style of holder to come, too. (I really wish it would hurry up).

The white boxes are great - and good for keeping a stash of lots of cards, in your bag...But it's good to have something that fits in a pocket, so you have the choice of putting your bag down sometimes :)
7th Nov, 2007 14:49 (UTC)
I buy a lot of things from etsy, and I love when I get moo promos - it's familiar, attractive, and the smaller size gets my attention more than standard business cards do. one seller even made theirs into a magnet, which I promptly hung on my fridge. (man, I sound like I work for you guys)
8th Nov, 2007 12:33 (UTC)
The cards work well as magnets actually - our office fridge is covered. (With not so flattering pictures of me, which is... nice).

There's a tutorial here, just in case you needed it:
9th Nov, 2007 17:40 (UTC)
I send mine along my Etsy orders as well :-)
7th Nov, 2007 15:15 (UTC)
On the leather cases... what about a natural tan or brown color?
7th Nov, 2007 19:42 (UTC)
Since I had a similiar question...any chance of a purple in the future?
7th Nov, 2007 22:10 (UTC)
lol, purple would be my first choice, but tan and brown appeal to a greater audience, but Yes! purple too, please!
8th Nov, 2007 12:26 (UTC)
Thanks for the feedback - I'll pass it on. Actually I'm not sure if they do a natural tan - I'll ask. I'll see if they do a purple too - no promises (it's hard enough to get hold of them as it is!) but I will pass on your feedback :)
8th Nov, 2007 14:42 (UTC)
7th Nov, 2007 17:45 (UTC)
Oh I was about to send you guys pictures of my mini cards being used as craft tags. I got lots of complements on them at my fiber arts show last weekend, and everyone was excited that I could have different fronts and still the same back. (I used the lj text cards).
8th Nov, 2007 12:24 (UTC)
aww, send it anyway! Actually, you'll be the first to use the textcard ones in this way - or the first I've seen. We love seeing how people use the cards :)
9th Nov, 2007 17:40 (UTC)
Thanks for adding my picture to this post! Now I see why it was having so many visitors eheh ;-)
9th Nov, 2007 18:00 (UTC)
hehehe - I was just thinking 'I recognise that icon!'
11th Nov, 2007 15:22 (UTC)
boohoo I never got my moocards!
13th Nov, 2007 11:04 (UTC)
@Mettalchikk - I'm sorry to hear that. Please contact customer services, and if they can help you, they will:
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