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We've launched Greeting Cards!

There's been a few changes around here - did you notice? We've launched not only Greeting Cards, but MiniCard holders too!

We've wanted to make Greeting Cards for quite a while - and it was getting more urgent by the minute, what with Christmas coming up. (We use our own products - we need cards to send.) So we've launched Greeting Cards, which are printed in packs of ten, with the option of a different image on every one. Like all good greeting cards, they come with envelopes, and they're hand-packed in a special gift box, to help them travel safely.

You can choose traditional white inside, or go nuts and select a full colour, and there's a choice of fonts you can choose to write your special message. You can make mixed packs of landscape or portrait cards, and like all our stuff, you can use your own images, or some of MOO's designer content. (Which is growing by the minute, so make sure you have a good look around, or use the search function, if you're after something specific.)

Obviously you don't have to make 'seasonal' cards - they're for thank-you cards, birthdays, congratulations, invitations, portfolios, birth announcements, wedding invites and anything else you can think of, but if you are getting ready for the Holiday Season, you should check out the People-Powered Holiday Card Store, which has loads of great images from the MOO Community. (It could even have your images, if you'd like to enter the competition).

We've also introduced MiniCard holders into the mix this week. So far we have the super-cute, felt holders, by Supernana, and the very smart leather holders, by Cobu. If you have MiniCards and are looking for a way to carry them around, then these might help!


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2nd Nov, 2007 20:18 (UTC)
oh my god, those cases are so sexy!
2nd Nov, 2007 21:25 (UTC)
Yay greeting cards! I don't think I need to go to anywhere else to do my customized stationary anymore. LOVE moo stuff! Thanks!
2nd Nov, 2007 22:17 (UTC)
I use small stamp collector like ziploc bags to keep my moo cards in. They fit right in the small "ticket pocket" in my jeans or flat in my regualr pockets.
3rd Nov, 2007 02:07 (UTC)
OMG, I wish you open a satellite office in Indonesia, so I can afford the cards. LOL.
3rd Nov, 2007 02:33 (UTC)
the card holders are cute! :)
7th Nov, 2007 02:45 (UTC)
The card holders are adorable! I just adored cards last weekend, too. I can't decide which card holder to get, though. The colors are all just scrumptious.
7th Nov, 2007 13:45 (UTC)
eek - I'm literally just about to post another entry, saying we're running out of Black, Red and Orange - in the leather versions. If you fancied one of these, get one quick!
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