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Moo goes to HackDay

The Moo team are slowly recovering from 'Hackday London', sponsored by the BBC and Yahoo! Over 400 developers got together for a two day event at Alexandra Palace, featuring speakers, music, bacon sandwiches, and most importantly, lots of coding - just for fun.

We saw some great things being made and worked pretty hard ourselves. We also spoke to some lovely people, and handed out a lot of 'Yay!' stickers. No one got much sleep, but as you can see, we took our time there very seriously indeed.

Denise and Dan, each sporting a yay. (Taken by deusx)

Nicky and Richard (Taken by Dan)

We also spied a cool little desktop app someone has written for MOO. Hopefully it'll be finished off soon and we can give you a few more details. If anyone is doing any MOO related things, do let us know, it's great to see what you're up to.

While we were in London Richard M (our CEO) was in San Francisco, chatting to Dan Fost, at the SF Chronicle. The resulting article went online on Saturday, so take a look and see what was said.

As ever, people taking beautiful shots for their MiniCards, these are two we've spotted recently...
Crafty cards by Ei! Kumpel

A beautiful 'wedding MOO', by Elisheva Chana


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18th Jun, 2007 12:15 (UTC)

Oh man.
18th Jun, 2007 21:52 (UTC)
i want a sticker! haha
18th Jun, 2007 13:18 (UTC)
i can't say i've ever done coding for fun but i want yay! stickers!
18th Jun, 2007 14:08 (UTC)
Did you notice I also mentioned food? We'll do anything for free food :D
18th Jun, 2007 14:27 (UTC)
ahh free food always makes ppl do stuff :)

but seriously....where can i snag a yay! sticker?
21st Jun, 2007 19:12 (UTC)
really now? I can arrange that....

youll do... ANYTHING!? ^_^
18th Jun, 2007 13:22 (UTC)
18th Jun, 2007 13:46 (UTC)
I got my own moo cards last week from you guys. I had fun exchanging them with fellow LJers in London this weekend. These cards look awesome.
18th Jun, 2007 14:09 (UTC)
I plan on ordering wedding things from MOO!!! I can't wait!
18th Jun, 2007 14:28 (UTC)
I think I may order more Moocards for use at my daughter wedding. Fun post.

Waves to Dan B. from wine country in Oregon.
18th Jun, 2007 15:29 (UTC)
I got my moo cards the other day and I LOVE THEM. I can't part with a single one, which definitely defeats the purpose lol. I'm so ordering a 100 of them.
18th Jun, 2007 19:54 (UTC)
I've just done the same - but can't see myself parting with any of them either!!
18th Jun, 2007 15:36 (UTC)
Bacon sandwiches!!

I love the BBC. They gave me free beer once and I was very happy.

I want a yay! sticker to slap on my guitar!!

18th Jun, 2007 15:41 (UTC)
Just a small note.

I received my free 10 pack today and I must tell you they are remarkable. This is a wonderful product, and Ill be most definately be ordering a set of 100.

Seeing these in my mailbox today really made my day.
18th Jun, 2007 17:15 (UTC)
<3ed my free pack, have been giving them to friends and coworkers.

Also, shoutout for the Threadless T. :D
18th Jun, 2007 17:29 (UTC)
Sounds like you guys had fun!

Have yet to receive my 10 pack. Can't wait for um. ^^
18th Jun, 2007 20:11 (UTC)
:) I still haven't gotten my free pack either. Hehe i was starting to feel like the only one who hadn't
18th Jun, 2007 22:06 (UTC)
Check ur mail today. They may be in there. I just got mine a few minutes ago. ^^a
18th Jun, 2007 22:36 (UTC)
:P I did, still nothing. I suppose I can hope for tomorrow :)
18th Jun, 2007 23:09 (UTC)
Ditto. :( No moo for me.
18th Jun, 2007 23:12 (UTC)
Blah. I feel like mine will neverrr get here!
18th Jun, 2007 19:50 (UTC)
got my free pack, and I was super excited! I will definitely get some moo cards when I launch my photography site. . .you guys rule.
18th Jun, 2007 21:32 (UTC)
Just got my MooCards!! I LOVES THEM!! Been handing them out to family (Pic of my daughter when she was born, giving a "WTH!?" look)
Its great that I even gave her her own LJ and keep family updated on her.
18th Jun, 2007 21:51 (UTC)
i STILL have not receieved my moocards :(
18th Jun, 2007 22:11 (UTC)
i got mine i got mine!
all the way here in Grenada west indies in the caribbean
two days after shippment
i'd by a 100 pack just for the free shipping this month if only it didn't cost 53 bucks in our currencey Y_Y
18th Jun, 2007 22:56 (UTC)
Haven't gotten mine either :( Sadness. Hopefully I'll get them within the next day or to so I can decide whether or not to take advantage of the free shipping offer.
18th Jun, 2007 23:36 (UTC)
On a unrelated note, I got my mini moocards yesterday.They're awesome.Thank you!
19th Jun, 2007 00:32 (UTC)
i <3 the little moo robot and his tres cool friend dan *:)
19th Jun, 2007 01:42 (UTC)
I just got my MOO cards :) Thank you!
19th Jun, 2007 04:48 (UTC)
Side note...
Got my free cards the other day - they are very spiffy! May be ordering some in the not too distant future. :)
19th Jun, 2007 15:50 (UTC)
Everyone seems to be excited with their Moo Card...I'm still wating fro mine. Hope I have it soon...
19th Jun, 2007 22:38 (UTC)
I just got mine today! :D (ok, I might have gotten them yesterday, but I finally bothered to check my post box) I absolutely love seeing some of my favourite pictures in print!
20th Jun, 2007 03:47 (UTC)
My set of 10 free cards arrived today! They're gorgeous. I really did not expect them to look *this* nice!

The colors are crisp and bright. The size and shape are appealing, and they're very thick.

The only disappointment was the back. Apparently Moo's printer can only handle Roman letters. The letters of my name in Hebrew were randomly shuffled around.

I'm torn about ordering a full set. The Moo cards are beautiful , but being able to include my Hebrew name was the point of getting another card.

In any case, I have ten great ones to pass out to friends!
20th Jun, 2007 18:03 (UTC)
I finally got my Moo Cards! They are so cute and tiny and... and... CUTE! I was definitely pleasantly surprised by the print quality. They look great.

Thanks Moo!
20th Jun, 2007 22:19 (UTC)
i got someone's moo cards, but they weren't mine. Dae-Ho Chung! I have your moo cards!
21st Jun, 2007 02:01 (UTC)
Got my moo cards, for some reasons I couldnt get the photos one so ended up with text, it was supposed to be a variety of words but I'm not complaining! I'm pretty happy with my cards so thank you! (Later on I will purchase some cards for resumes and art galleries and what not)
21st Jun, 2007 04:04 (UTC)
Howdy peeps!

I got my cards today! I love them, thank you so much!
21st Jun, 2007 19:14 (UTC)
Sounds like a good time!

Ill be getting my 100 Pack soon! <3 Woo! i dont know where im going to come up with so many pictures! Ill do it though ^_-

Ive been showing everyone possible, and telling them to go buy some and see for themselves! they make great lil business cards!
21st Jun, 2007 22:29 (UTC)
They're HERE!!!
*squeals like a little girl*

I received my free 10-pack of Moo mini cards today.

They are great!!! Too nice to give away.

I may be paying for some soon.

Thanks Moo!!!
6th Nov, 2007 18:26 (UTC)
oh my!! thank you so much for the ref! I feel special and very very happy! yay!!!

gooo moo!
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