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One promo over, but another begins!

The free MOO + LiveJournal 10 pack promotion is over now, but we're excited to say there's another offer for those who'd like to buy a 100 pack: for the rest of June, the shipping will be free!

Buy a nice little box of 100 Text or Photo MiniCards and we'll ship them to anywhere in the world for no cost at all. (Which will save you $4.99 (USD) / €3.99 / £2.99). Make cards to keep and cards to share!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the 10 pack promotion. We've seen some beautiful cards being made, and enjoyed reading and seeing your reactions. The mooswap group is starting to grow, so if you'd like to swap your cards and get your art out into the world, head over there and see what's going on.

We've shipped 10 pack orders to 69 different countries so far, and still have more orders printing, created in the last few days. Top of the orders list was America, but we've also shipped packs to Russia, India, Israel, Iceland, Oman, Qata, and Korea, to name but a few. (Its weeks like this we wish we could deliver the orders by hand...)


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8th Jun, 2007 10:12 (UTC)
I never recieved mine, and I live in London :{
Damn post >_
8th Jun, 2007 10:20 (UTC)
Same here.
I live in Derbyshire. And I haven't yet got my mini-moos. :(
Damn post >_
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8th Jun, 2007 10:21 (UTC)
Yep, the photo thing never worked for me either despite doing all the things I was told to. Disappointing.
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8th Jun, 2007 10:17 (UTC)
8th Jun, 2007 10:23 (UTC)
it's been more than 10 days since I made my order. I know I'm from Russia, so the delivery can take a lot of time, but I thought I will get an e-mail when the cards will be ready and sent. But still nothing
8th Jun, 2007 10:27 (UTC)
А мне пришло неделю назад письмо типа "MOO | LiveJournal Order ХХХХХХХХХХ | Dispatched"
Правда сами карточки ещё не пришли.
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8th Jun, 2007 10:36 (UTC)
I just ordered some yesterday! >:-/
8th Jun, 2007 10:42 (UTC)
I know, I too, just ordered 100!
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8th Jun, 2007 10:38 (UTC)
I think that's a great offer. I hope I receive my cards before it expires, so that I can have a look first. (*waits for the printing*)
8th Jun, 2007 10:43 (UTC)
i'm in australia and i received mine today, and i couldn't be happier. i was very surprised at how excellent the quality was! well done! i'm seriously considering ordering a pack of 100 - just gotta get the cash thanks to sucky exchange rates!
8th Jun, 2007 15:14 (UTC)
Actually, the Australian dollar's doing quite well at the moment, so don't hesitate too long!
(no subject) - flyslip - 9th Jun, 2007 02:39 (UTC) - Expand
8th Jun, 2007 10:48 (UTC)
I live in Australia and I'm well impressed with the speed they get sent down here, I received the email saying sent and four days later there they where.

8th Jun, 2007 11:52 (UTC)
Same here. Four days after the email and I had them. I'm in Eastern Canada. :)
8th Jun, 2007 10:59 (UTC)
Yay Qatar ftw! :D
and you're always welcome here, with or without the cards!
8th Jun, 2007 11:09 (UTC)
whoo MOO! i received mine yesterday and i LOVE THEM. i will defiitley take advantage of the offer. i was not able to make pghoto cards, but the text ones came out lovely!
8th Jun, 2007 11:12 (UTC)
Received mine in Australia yesterday - *loved* the quality. In fact, just took up the free shipping offer!!! Although, did find it annoying that it would only recognise photos uploaded into a named gallery ... had to re-upload photos into an existing gallery (instead of being unsorted) before they would show up for choosing from.
8th Jun, 2007 11:23 (UTC)
my free 10 pack arrived safely to Romania, via a Bermuda detour that made them be late... but they got here yesterday!

I am absolutely in love with the mini-cards! It's your fault that I now have to use my newly-acquired Paypal account to order that 100 pack.
8th Jun, 2007 11:25 (UTC)
I hope mine will turn up down here at the very bottom of Australia on Monday, but I'm already considering a pack of a hundred as next year I'll be a poor backpacker in need of a nifty way to hand out an email or Flickr address.
8th Jun, 2007 11:26 (UTC)
I'm in western Canada -- I got my pack within a week of them being sent out (that is to say, I got them Wednesday morning). I absolutely LOVE the high quality of the cards, and the packaging is modern; simply great! It made my day.

Thank you again for such a wonderful promotion. :)
8th Jun, 2007 11:47 (UTC)
I'm expecting my cards to arrive next Tuesday, but judging from everyone else's comments I'm pretty sure I'll be taking advantage of the free shipping offer.. Thanks :)
11th Jun, 2007 13:09 (UTC)
I got them today... they're FANTASTIC! I just completed my order for 100. ;D
8th Jun, 2007 12:11 (UTC)
Aww man, I already bought two boxes of 100. :( Ah well.

I didn't notice it, but is there anyway to buy a box of a hundred photcards and a box of a hundard text cards in one order to combine the shipping? I couldn't find the option anywhere, so placed two separate orders, but I wouldn't have cared if they shipped together.
8th Jun, 2007 12:25 (UTC)
Well, MOO, you really do know how to tempt us with "order NOW and get a deal" offers, don't ya?

I'll have to think about it for the rest of the month. I have a really light studio this month, so I don't know if I can afford it or not (I'm a private music teacher).

Question: Is there any reason why my LJ icon didn't show up on my mini-MOO cards when the order processed through?
8th Jun, 2007 14:59 (UTC)
No idea why your icon didn't show...they did say that if you move the pictures between when you order them and when they're printed you may get blank ones, perhaps that's what happened?

Also, you look pretty cool, mind if I friend you? I'm also a musician living in Knoxville, TN. :)
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8th Jun, 2007 12:28 (UTC)
I ended up wrestling with the photo one, thinking I was doing something wrong. Now I see I wasn't the only one with this problem. Ah well. A bit disappointed. Wasn't too interested in the word ones. Ah well - can't always get the free stuff.
8th Jun, 2007 12:40 (UTC)
Noooo, I can't believe I missed my chance to get free Moo cards! I'm utterly depressed!
8th Jun, 2007 12:43 (UTC)
this is gonna rock!!!! I am planning what to get now :D
(Deleted comment)
8th Jun, 2007 13:01 (UTC)
I made a separate folder called "Moo Card Images", made it public, and temporarily made the rest of my galleries private so Moo couldn't see them. Worked great!
8th Jun, 2007 12:57 (UTC)
I received my promo set of photo/artwork cards and they are FANTASTIC. The paper and print quality... SUPERB. Thank you, Moo!

I am seriously considering taking advantage of this offer... let's hope I can beef up my image pool a bit before it ends so I can have a good amount of images to fill those 100 cards with!
8th Jun, 2007 13:00 (UTC)
Sadly, I was so excited about the promo ones that I've already ordered a pack of 100, and thus missed out on free shipping.
8th Jun, 2007 14:15 (UTC)
How much was the shipping on those?
(no subject) - watchmebe - 8th Jun, 2007 14:28 (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - rainbow - 8th Jun, 2007 17:02 (UTC) - Expand
8th Jun, 2007 13:14 (UTC)
Ordered mine in May but still haven't received them. Not to worry - I'm sure you're snowed under right now so it's understandable.

I just hope they arrive in time for me to consider this offer :)
8th Jun, 2007 14:23 (UTC)
I also haven't received mine, but I was assuming that its because you guys are swamped! I can't wait to get mine though!!!!
(no subject) - starweaver - 8th Jun, 2007 16:21 (UTC) - Expand
8th Jun, 2007 13:20 (UTC)
Everytime I tried to order one I'd get an error. :(
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